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The June New Moon Will Have Every Zodiac Sign In Their Feels

Ready or not, it's time to prioritize your emotions.

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On June 28, the sun and moon will join up in the moon’s home sign of Cancer, bringing new beginnings regarding emotional security and comfort to the forefront of every sign’s birth chart. As a cardinal water sign, Cancer is all about trusting your intuition and honoring your feelings, however transient they may be. Here’s what each of the 12 signs can expect:

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Aries (March 21 to April 19)

On June 28, the sun and moon will join forces in your fourth house of home and family, bringing new beginnings revolving around your need for safety and security in this area. As someone who’s constantly on the go, this new moon is a reminder to tend to the roots you’ve put down. Your private world should be a calm place where you can retreat, and now is a good time to make it as comfortable as it needs to be.

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