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The Sagittarius Full Moon Will Remind You Of What You've Been Taking For Granted

You know a lot more than you think.

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The final full moon of the spring is upon us, and it’s bringing some major things to your attention. Since a full moon is essentially a time where la luna is receiving the most light, it’s often a period of revelations, culminations, and endings, but in the best ways possible. This time around, the moon will be collecting her light from the curious, light-hearted Gemini sun, and transmuting it through the lens of the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius. As the knowledge-oriented sign of the zodiac, this is a sign that’s all about reflecting on what you know, which is a pretty stark difference from the Mercury retrograde-tinged Gemini season we’re freshly coming out of. This was a season of confusion, miscommunication, and a time where collecting information was likely more of a challenge, but the good thing is, the spiritual meaning of the 2022 Strawberry Moon is all about embracing what you know to be true, no matter who agrees or disagrees with you.

With Mercury, the planet of communication finally reentering Gemini the day before the full moon, our messenger planet can finally gather information in order for you to move forward with accurate details. This full moon — known as the Super Strawberry Moon due to its apparent size (hence the “super”) and dating back to the time when Native Americans would harvest ripening strawberries (hence the “strawberry”) — however, is less about asking questions, and more about reviewing the answers you already have within you. Gemini energy tends to restlessly pursue more details without ever pausing to consider the knowledge you currently have (and possibly aren’t putting to use), but the full moon in Sagittarius is a reminder that you’re far more equipped with wisdom than you realize; you’ve just been taking it for granted.

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When Is The June 2022 Full Moon In Sagittarius?

At 5:51 a.m. ET on June 14, the moon will illuminate the Sagittarius-ruled house in your birth chart, bringing a strong sense of awareness to this area. During Gemini season, you’ve been actively playing into the role of the student, and while that’s allowed you to collect a plethora of new information, you’re full equipped with knowledge to make some adjustments in this area. With Jupiter, the ruler of this lunation currently moving through Aries, it’s time to actively tap into your own personal truths — regardless of who agrees. While other people’s opinions can provide you with plenty of information, you don’t always have to seek outward, because at the end of the day, you ultimately know what’s best for you. The Sagittarius-ruled house in your birth chart is also where you harbor the most wisdom — so much so, that you even can teach others a thing or two about these topics. Now is the time to lean into your role as the teacher or guide, and during this full moon, you may find that others are far more interested in listen to your perspectives. Be sure not to doubt yourself now, you are informed enough to speak your mind.

During this lunation, you may also find that your desire for freedom is heightened, making this a pretty spontaneous period. This is the perfect opportunity to embark on any sudden adventures that come your way, especially if they involve travel or furthering your education. Have faith and trust that even if you don’t have all the details ironed out, that your inner compass will always guide you in the right direction.

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