Emotional young woman during the June 2021 new moon solar eclipse.

Connecting With Your Feels Will Be So Important During The June Solar Eclipse

It’s time to get everything out in the open.

As Gemini season begins to wind down, a solar eclipse is right around the corner — emphasizing communication, intellect, and learning new things. Since eclipses tend to coincide with powerful and transformative new beginnings or endings though, the energy that accompanies the eclipses isn’t always the most fun to work with. The good news is that this eclipse will be a lot lighter than the last one, since it’s conjunct the North Node, emphasizing growth, moving forward, and the start of a new chapter. Either way, the emotional meaning of the June 2021 solar eclipse is all about connecting with your feelings, and finding ways to communicate them. (Yes, even while Mercury’s in retrograde.)

Since Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury, this eclipse is essentially answering to this speedy conversational planet, which is currently retrograde in Gemini as well. This may feel like a pretty scattered time for you, and it may be difficult to find the clarity you’re looking for, but the energy of the eclipse is asking that you take note of how you’re feeling and use this time to communicate them as best you can. A solar eclipse is similar to a new moon, meaning that the sun and moon are joining forces in the same sign, sparking a period of renewal and regeneration. You’re embarking on a new chapter in whatever house Gemini governs over in your birth chart, so be sure to check in with that area to really allow yourself to step into this new chapter.

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The Solar Eclipse In Gemini Takes Place On June 10, 2021 At 6:51 AM EST

The week of an eclipse can feel pretty heavy and can prompt a lot of releasing, so be sure to go into this season honoring your feelings as best you can. It’s OK if they don’t always make sense — transformations usually happen suddenly and aren’t always easy to understand in the moment. Eclipses are powerful lunations that redirect your path in a way that’s dramatic and sudden, so give yourself plenty of grace to adjust during this time. On the bright side, Gemini is a mutable air sign, so the adaptable nature of this sign is here to help you through the changes.

When the moon is in the same sign as the sun, it’s essentially a time where it’s being overshadowed by the sun’s rays. When the moon is in this position, it becomes very hot, making your emotions feel much more urgent. While eclipses aren’t an ideal time to manifest, use this Mercury-influenced eclipse to journal your feelings, share your emotions with a friend, or connect with a therapist or support group. This eclipse is a reminder that talking about your feelings is important, and as you embark on this new chapter, you’ll have all of your thoughts and ideas out in the open.