These Bunny-Shaped Marshmallows Come In The Prettiest Pastel Colors

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You might think it’s all about Peeps when it comes to Easter baskets, but don’t sleep on bunny-themed treats on this holiday. Returning to shelves in time to celebrate Easter, Jet-Puffed Bunnymallows not only have an adorable name, but the pastel assortment of bunny-shaped marshmallows are equally as cute. Whether or not you have a basket to fill up, here’s what to know about the bunny-shaped marshmallows.

ICYDK, the Easter bunny dates back to the 1700s and a German tradition centered on an egg-laying hare called “Osterhase,” per Jet-Puffed’s tradition of Bunnymallows, however, is a newer phenomenon dating back to 2011, when the pastel bunny-shaped marshmallows made their debut. While not as storied as the Easter bunny, these assorted marshmallows come in four pastel colors: green, pink, purple, and yellow. They’re definitely Instagram-worthy in your spring desserts or as a pop of color to your hot chocolate. The 2022 release of Jet-Puffed’s Bunnymallows marks the first time the bunny-shaped marshmallows will be available at nationwide retailers like Target and Walmart.

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Despite the colorful variety, the Bunnymallows taste the same as a regular Jet-Puffed marshmallow. The difference is the bunny-shape makes it smaller and flatter than the regular Jet-Puffed marshmallow, but it’s versatile enough to be substituted in recipes that call for mini marshmallows. Gotta love a bunny shape that can do it all, from decorating pies and cupcakes to enjoying a handful as a snack.

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If the thought of Bunnymallows has piqued your Easter basket interest and you’re looking for more ways to celebrate, check out Bath & Body Works 2022 Easter collection of candles and soaps for some spring-scented additions to your basket. And when seasonal scents like carrot cake and tutti-frutti have you craving sweets, you can turn to your bunny-shaped marshmallows for an edible holiday treat.

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