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The Past, Present, And Future Are Intersecting In Your Weekly Horoscope

Which road will you take?

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Ever since the new year began, the energy has been listless and slow, to say the least. There may have been times it felt like walking through Jell-o. Mercury and Venus have been retrograding at the same time, bringing you back in touch with your past and laying down obstacles rather than clearing pathways. There may still be unfinished business to tend to before you can truly move forward, so be patient. Luckily, the energy is beginning to shift in your January 24, 2022 weekly horoscope, so make sure your seatbelt is fastened.

On Jan. 24, Mars — planet of motivation and vitality — will enter Capricorn, a zodiac sign that’s focused on building a solid foundation, taking authority, and shooting for the moon (or Saturn, which is Capricorn’s ruling planet). Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means Mars thrives in the ambitious, determined, and competitive atmosphere of this cardinal earth sign. With Mars feeling stronger than ever, you might feel a renewed sense of power to overcome all sorts of challenges.

By Jan. 25, Mercury retrograde will reach a major turning point. This is when Mercury will drift back into Capricorn and leave behind Aquarius, illustrating the way Mercury retrograde is always moving back in time. Capricorn is also a zodiac sign that’s associated with karma, which means this retrograde could unveil consequences connected to your past experiences. And as Mercury joins forces with Pluto — planet of secrets and hidden agendas — on Jan. 28, you might discover a deeper truth. A conversation with someone from your history may reveal something enlightening; something that could challenge your boundaries and change your perspective.

Although this week is filled with retrograde-related shakeups, a positive shift arrives on Jan. 29. This is when Venus retrograde will come to an end, making it easier to solve conflicts with others and gain a better understanding of where your relationships stand. It will also lighten the mood, helping you see the beauty in things that may have previously seemed unappealing or insignificant.

However, there may still be a few curveballs headed your way as the week comes to a close. On Jan, 30, the sun in Aquarius will square off with erratic and unpredictable Uranus, which could lead to sudden changes and separations. You may feel a need for independence during this time, but there’s also a chance the universe will force you to tap into your ability to stand on your own two feet.

Here’s what’s in store for you, according to your sun sign and your rising sign:

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A major revelation is coming into focus this week and it has the power to shape the direction your career is taking. A dynamic from your professional past may be resurfacing, forcing you to question whether it’s in your best interests to pick up where you left off or commit to a path that leads you somewhere different. Remember — pushing against other people’s expectations doesn’t necessarily mean you have to burn bridges.


You may find yourself returning to a place that feels familiar to you this week. You may even feel confronted by certain beliefs and mindsets that you’ve held in your past, potentially challenging you to rethink the way you once saw the world. This week, you might reveal something about yourself that changes the way others see you. Use this to your advantage, so think twice before you make a statement you’re not ready to commit to.


This week, you may find there are energetic cords still tying you to something (or someone) from your past. And although you’re ready to move on, there may be a piece of you that’s still leaving the door cracked open rather than closed. It may be time to make a decision one way or the other. Your inner peace may shift this week, forcing you to form a new perspective of something. There may be much more to the story than you thought.


This week, you may feel confronted by a person from your past or a relationship dynamic that you’re ready to put behind you. A pivotal conversation may take place, forcing you to regain a sense of control over the way you react to others. Remember — you have a say in the patterns you’re involved in, and when someone is pulling you down a path you don’t want to take, you have the power to resist their influence and decide for yourself.

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You may become aware of certain aspects of your lifestyle that are no longer working for you this week. The way you’ve been nourishing your wellbeing and keeping up with your tasks on a daily basis can lead to consequences, and this week, you may realize a major adjustment needs to be made. However, as the pressure intensifies, you may feel compelled to give up. Don’t throw all your progress away and don’t discredit how far you’ve already come.


As the week begins, you may feel like your creative energy is withdrawing. It may even feel like nothing is inspiring you, as though the spark has gone out. However, you may find yourself returning to something that used to light your fire, such as a creative hobby or even an old flame. Let it show you what you’re capable of feeling, reminding you that it’s possible to find that feeling in something new; something you haven’t tried yet.


This week, you may be calling into question the habits, perspectives, and relationship dynamics you’ve inherited. This may bring you back in touch with your family or hometown, revealing the way your upbringing has affected you to this day. Work on separating what you believe from what you’ve been instructed to believe, because your home is yours to create. Don’t let someone tell you where you belong when you’re the one who decides where you belong.


You may find yourself reconnecting with friends and acquaintances from your past this week. You might even stumble upon gossip or sensitive information that has the power to change everything. The way you choose to communicate your truth can have lasting ramifications, so choose your words wisely. Shifts in your relationships could rock your world this week, so remember to let someone in only when you truly feel safe letting them in.

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This week, you may feel like your security and stability is under threat. However, it could be a motivating force that kickstarts the process of building something with much more solid ground. Financial decisions may rear their ugly head, so try to spend your money with intention. By the end of the week, you might feel like a shift in your routine is creating chaos, but this chaos has the power to be incredibly inspiring.


A major situation in your life may come to a head this week. As the energy intensifies and the need to take action increases, you may walk away from the experience realizing that something must end in order for something better to begin. Have faith in what comes next, because an unexpected source of inspiration may tap into a part of you that needs healing. Find a way to let loose and let the creative juices flow, because it’s repairing a piece of your heart.


You’re looking deep within your psyche this week. In fact, you may feel ready to explore darker terrain within you, revealing the secrets that remain hidden in the shadows. It may be time to bring something to completion, because you’ve been dragging your feet and avoiding the final touches. Step out of your comfort zone, because it’s revealing a stronger part of you. Embrace the idea that nothing is certain, because this acceptance will set you free.


This week, you may be reunited with friends and associates from your past, bringing you back into the mix of people you’ve interacted with, but possibly drifted away from. Something that began long ago may reach a major turning point, prompting you to reassess who you decide to work with, spend time with, and lend your support to. Conversations may take a turn by the end of the week, touching on something that continues to mean a lot to you.