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Even Though 2022 Is Off To A Weird Start, These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Celebrating

Mercury retrograde? I don't know her.

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You’ve got so many things to get excited about, because a new year has officially arrived, and with it, comes so many new opportunities. However, the first month of 2022 may not be the smooth ride you were hoping for. In fact, if you’re already having trouble keeping those New Year’s resolutions, astrology may be to blame. Luckily, the year begins with the sun in hardworking and pragmatic Capricorn, tapping into your ability to overcome even the most horrendous struggles. And for the lucky zodiac signs who will have the best month of January 2022, it will be just as beautiful as it may feel bewildering.

This month, you’ve got two retrogrades to contend with. When 2022 begins, Venus — planet of love and friendship — will already be retrograding through Capricorn, which could cause tensions and conflicts to rise to the surface and disturb the peace. However, it will also force you to deal with the negativity so that you can put it behind you, paving the way for stronger relationships once it comes to an end on Jan. 29. Mercury — planet of logic and communication — will also station retrograde in Aquarius as of Jan. 14. Mercury retrograde may throw a few wrenches in your plans, forcing you to backtrack and review where everything stands.

Fortunately, Jupiter — planet of expansion and adventure — is now officially swimming through the mermaid lagoon of Pisces, its home zodiac sign. With Jupiter in Pisces, you may feel more enchanted, open to love, and ready to express your emotions through creativity. Don’t let the little things get you down when there are so many beautiful things to marvel at.

In spite of all the drama, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces will still have the best month. Here’s why:

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Capricorn: You’re So Resilient, No Amount Of Strife Can Take You Down

Happy birthday, Capricorn! Although you’re the reason for the season, you may notice that this is a particularly intense time in your life, but don’t worry, because that doesn’t need to ruin the party. Venus is still spending the rest of the month retrograding through Capricorn, which could kick certain insecurities into gear. You’re a highly disciplined zodiac sign that can climb even the steepest of mountains. By the time this month is over, you may be in a very different place, and the strength you’ve gained will remain with you going forward.

Aquarius: Not Even Mercury Retrograde Can Ruin Your Birthday Season

This month may start out slow, but you’ll gain so much momentum as it moves forward. It begins with the sun in your 12th house of spirituality, encouraging you to reserve time for meaningful solitude as you give your emotions time to process. Mercury will station retrograde in Aquarius on Jan. 14, which could increase the level of uncertainty you may be feeling as the new year gets going. However, uncertainty doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you’re willing to embrace all the strange and beautiful opportunities that arrive, guiding you through an Aquarius season that has much to teach you.

Pisces: You’ve Done So Much Healing, Now It’s Time To Party

2022 is already looking so good, Pisces. By the end of last year, Jupiter — planet of expansion, adventure, and abundance — officially entered your zodiac sign once again. You got a taste of the Jupiter in Pisces experience last year from May to July, cutting it short as it retrograded back into Aquarius, encouraging you to take a step back and embrace some necessary introspection. Now, Jupiter is back and better than ever, moving through the zodiac sign of its rulership and sending all of this lucky gas giant’s positive vibrations directly to you.

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