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10 Simple Ways To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger Using Etsy Products Under $25

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Growing up, you may have dreamed of having a massive bedroom like Cher's in Clueless or Arnold's in Hey Arnold! Of course, you knew those were fictional rooms, but that didn't stop you from dreaming. Even now, you're looking to give the space you have the illusion of something grandiose. Luckily, all you need to do is know how to make your small room look bigger with a few home decor items.

Don't worry about budget either. Etsy has tons of products under $25 that will give your space the makeover it needs without totally breaking the bank. You just need to declutter and open up your space, which is simple with a few storage items. You will also want to bring in some light and use the right colors to give your room that massive feeling. The spring is actually a perfect time to take on this project. After doing a bit of cleaning, your space will be ready for you to do whatever magic is necessary to make it look bigger. Head over to Etsy and browse a few of these 10 products under $25 that make your room look bigger, and add whatever fits your vibe to your cart ASAP.

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Hanging Organizers

One of the keys to making your space look bigger is to downsize the amount of stuff you have in your room. Makes sense, right? Less stuff equals more space, but you don't necessarily want to get rid of a bunch of items you love. Instead, invest in some cute storage. This three-pocket hanging wall storage ($16) will not only hide your smaller items, but it can help to keep things off the floor, which is valuable space.

Add More Mirrors

More mirrors will also create the illusion of a bigger room. A nice corner space with a rectangular mirror is great for both opening up the room and giving you a place to take #OOTD mirror selfies. But if you're looking for something super cute, get these geometric mirrors ($19) to hang over your dresser.

White Wall Art

While warm colors tend to give off a cozy feeling, lighter colors will make a room feel more spacious. So, you'll definitely want to aim for more white decor. Start off by decorating with some inspirational white wall art ($9) like this "courage over comfort" quote.

Not-To-Scale Moon Lamp

Another way to make your space feel bigger is to scale down your decor. For instance, if you add a smaller version of something that's normally large, it'll make everything else around it seem bigger. If you want to go to extreme, get this adorable moon lamp ($14). It'll make your space larger than the moon — literally.

Vertical Photo Display

Vertical stripes can also help to make your room feel longer than it actually is. Get some vertical wall art or this hanging photo display ($10). It's great for heightening your room, and a cute way to show off your fave mini Polaroid pictures.

Add More Light With Candles

Just like lighter colors will open up your space, so will adding more light. Getting a few cute lamps will help, but if you're a candle lover, you could also use this as an excuse to increase your collection. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with juggling that work-life balance, get this stress-relief candle ($16). It has notes of eucalyptus, spearmint, and lavender, which are all meant to calm you down.

Horizontal Wall Art

Just like vertical stripes are meant to heighten your space, some horizontal art will widen it. Of course, the more things you add to your wall, the more clutter you're adding to your space. My advice: Go with one statement piece like this horizontal sun art ($5) to hang over your bed.

Colorful Storage

When trying to declutter, you can never have too much storage space. These fabric storage bin boxes ($13) are so handy to have around. They're perfect for storing items, but they're also just cute on their own. That means you can keep them hidden in your closet or under the bed, but you can also have them stacked in a corner for more decor.

Tiny Succulents

If you're a plant connoisseur, you may want to add some greenery to your room. You know size is key, so you'll want to try getting something small. These starter succulents ($15) are perfect for that. They're just small enough that they won't take too much room on your dresser or bookshelf.

Using Lightweight Throws

You could also create an open feeling by using lightweight materials on your bed. Go for lighter shades like white or beige. A beige throw blanket ($23) like this one fits that description. It can also be easily thrown on your bed for one of the quickest ways to make over your space.

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