A happy woman enjoys a cake and iced latte at a coffee shop.
How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Coffee Shop Using Only Etsy Products

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Other than your home, the coziest place may be your fave coffee shop. You could spend hours there just chilling with your computer or a good book while drinking a latte. But lately, you haven't been able to visit as much — or stay as long when you do — so it might be time to make your home feel like a coffee shop instead. All you need are a few cozy items and decor essentials to give your space that cafe feel.

The best part of all is that you can find pretty much everything you need right on Etsy. When you're looking for specialty items, Etsy is the place to turn to. They have plenty of handmade and vintage-looking decor from small shops and creators who put as much love into their items as you do your coffee making. It's really a great place to start. You just need to know what items will work best to transform your space into an at-home coffee shop.

Of course, there are essentials like a mug rack to display your collection of cups, and some artwork for your walls. You could also grab a few items to cozy up the place. A quick browse on Etsy is sure to give you some inspo, but if you need a little help, here are nine coffee shop items on Etsy that are instant add-to-carts.

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A Vintage Pink Dessert Cloche

Most coffee shops have adorable pastries on display that instantly give off that sweet cafe vibe. Get yourself a dessert cloche ($40) of your own to set out on your counter or coffee bar. Each week, you can put store-bought croissants or homemade muffins to grab whenever you're looking for a snack to go with your coffee.

A Neon Coffee Sign

Your fave coffee shop probably has tons of artwork on its walls, so you'll want to do the same. This neon coffee sign ($56) will not only add some color to your walls, but it'll provide some light as well. You could even display it in a window for that true city coffee shop feel.

A Floating Bar Table

A modern coffee shop tends to have a variety of chairs and tables you can work from. You probably already have a couch and a few armchairs, but do you have a floating bar table ($26)? Set this table up in a corner to give yourself more work space. You could also use it as a coffee bar for your sugars and flavoring syrups with a cute vase full of fresh flowers.

Chalkboard Contact Paper

A lot of coffee shops have a chalkboard menu to display their different lattes and fun designs. Instead of getting a big chalkboard, get budget-friendly chalkboard contact paper ($13). Hang it up over your coffee bar, and write down what kinds of lattes you can make with an inspiring quote of the day.

A Wooden Mug Rack

Since you're a coffee lover, you're sure to have a few go-to mugs you've collected. Getting this wooden mug rack ($55) is a super rustic chic way to display them. If you keep it near your coffee bar, they'll also be easily accessible whenever you need a cup of java.

A Colorful Vase

Give your coffee shop space a pop of color with a hand-painted vase ($18) and fresh flowers. This particular vase from odevintageshop is just small enough to sit on your coffee table or in the corner of your coffee bar. You could even get a few mix and match vases to place around here and there, like at an actual cafe.

Painted Mason Jars

Mason jars are a great idea, because they double as decor and storage. If you get some painted mason jars ($10) like these, you can use them to store sugar or plastic straws for your iced coffee. They can also be customized with your choice of colors to match the rest of your coffee shop color scheme.

Velvet Throw Pillows

For added comfort, get a few velvet throw pillows ($22). You can toss them on your couch, armchairs, or on the floor for cozy seating areas. If you already have a few throw pillows, just get a few velvet pillow covers ($4) to instantly give them that coffee shop vibe.

Coffee Shop Art

For more art to hang on your walls, you can get this print that features a woman drinking at a coffee shop ($15). It comes in three different dimensions as well. Get something bigger for one statement piece, or multiple smaller illustrations for a coffee-themed collage wall.