You can book BTS' 'In The Soop' Estate for only $7 in South Korea.

Hey ARMY, You Can Book BTS' In The Soop Estate For Only $7 On Airbnb

Who’s down for a dynamite trip to South Korea?

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Calling all ARMYs, because Airbnb has a new stay in their collection just for BTS fans. Similar to some of their recent one-of-a-kind stays, like the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine van and Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City, Airbnb is now offering some lucky fans the opportunity to stay in the same mansion BTS lived in during their second season of In The Soop for the very first time. That’s right, you can book BTS’ In The Soop estate on Airbnb for a dynamite overnight experience.

Thanks to this unique Airbnb booking, you can relax by the pool like J-Hope or cook breakfast like Suga while your bestie jumps on the trampoline like Jung Kook or reads a book like RM. There are plenty of possibilities for fun and relaxation at the BTS In The Soop property located in the countryside of PyeongChang, South Korea. If you’ve seen Season 2 of In The Soop, you could even recreate some of your favorite moments while staying on property. The first step, of course, is booking the In The Soop estate on Airbnb. For this, you’ll want to set a reminder on your calendar for Aug. 1.

How Do You Book BTS’ In The Soop Estate On Airbnb?

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On Aug. 1 at 10 p.m. ET, the In The Soop Airbnb will be available for booking. Knowing that BTS is the number one pop group in the world right now, you can just imagine how quickly this once-in-a-lifetime stay will go. To make sure you’re the first to book the stay, log into your Airbnb account before the booking window opens and be ready to hit refresh on the page.

If you are the lucky ARMY who manages to book the In The Soop estate, you and a friend will only need to pay $7. The super affordable price of the overnight stay is in honor of the seven members of BTS. You’ll also receive roundtrip car transportation from the KTX PyeongChang train station to the Airbnb. However, you’ll need to make your own arrangements to and from South Korea.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of visiting South Korea ever since you first heard BTS or you’re already there, this might be the perfect opportunity to finally make your dreams come true. While you’re overseas, you can also check out Seoul’s Hybe Insight museum or the Han River, which is one of the travel trends of 2022. You could even visit Jimin’s dad’s cafe in Busan, Cafe Magnate, or book the home from the first season of In The Soop on Airbnb for the rest of your trip in Chuncheon.

What’s Included With The BTS In The Soop Airbnb Stay?

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Your BTS In The Soop Airbnb stay will take place on Aug. 29 for one night only. The stay is only for two people, and you’ll have plenty of room to do whatever you please. The estate looks just like it did when BTS stayed there a few months ago. It still has the pool and trampoline in the backyard as well as the basketball court where Suga gave Jimin some shooting tips.

Inside the home, you’ll find a music room with a karaoke machine full of BTS songs that you and your partner can jam out to. In the music room, you’ll also find a canvas where you can paint your own artwork like the members did when they stayed there. Or, if you’re feeling like V, there’s also a trumpet you can practice with as well.

In addition to the music room, there’s also a home gym. You might remember RM, Jimin, and Jung Kook all took advantage of the gym to workout during their vacay, and that may be what you would like to do as well. There’s also a living room where you can watch your favorite shows or maybe even play games all day like Jin. If Jin is your bias, you may also want to lounge out on the oversized unicorn float in the pool like him or cook up a nice meal to share with your friend.

Speaking of food, your stay also includes some catered dishes like charcoal grilled Korean beef and tteokbokki, which is simmered rice cakes. You’ll also have plenty of egg tarts from Bang & Bakers, which are also served at the Hybe Insight museum.

Time of Blue/Airbnb

There’s no need to worry if you aren’t able to book the In The Soop estate, because Airbnb has said there will be an opportunity to check out the property soon if you’re staying nearby. Of course, if you are able to stay in the BTS In The Soop Airbnb, it’s the perfect opportunity to snap some Insta pics, record a few TikToks, and document your entire trip like BTS did. Don’t forget to dance around to their newest album, Proof, because, after all, you “don’t need permission to dance.”

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