The 'Home Alone' house is on Airbnb for a one-night stay in December.

The Original Home Alone Movie House Is On Airbnb For Just $25 This December

Kevin McCallister’s big brother, Buzz, will host the overnight stay.

Let’s face it, every kid who grew up watching Home Alone during the holidays secretly wanted to live like Kevin McCallister for a day. When you weren’t setting up traps to protect your home from the Wet Bandits, you could be watching movies you love to quote, jumping on the bed, and having a lovely cheese pizza delivered to your door. It was the ideal way to spend the holidays, and now, you can finally make those dreams come true, because the original Home Alone movie house is on Airbnb for the very first time.

That’s right, the actual Home Alone house in Chicago’s suburb of Winnetka, Illinois is opening its doors for one lucky family on Dec. 12. The best part of all? This iconic mansion will only cost you $25 for an overnight. If this sounds like the best way to kick off the holiday season, you’ll want to mark your calendar and set your alarms. Since this isn’t a contest, all you need to do is make sure you’re the first one to book the Home Alone house as soon as it becomes available on Dec. 7 at 1 p.m. CT. So, if you want to make this once-in-a-lifetime stay happen, set an alarm (or five) now. You definitely don’t want to miss an opportunity to party in the McCallisters’ place while they’re on vacay.

Sarah Crowley/Airbnb

As a special reference to the beloved film, the Airbnb host of the Home Alone house will be none other than Kevin’s big brother, Buzz. While you may remember Buzz as being a bit of a bully to Kevin, he’s totally grown up now and is “happy to share [his] family home – [his] pizza, even – with you this holiday season.” Even Buzz’s pet tarantula, Axl, will be there to welcome you with a meet and greet. Just try not to let him loose like Kevin did in the movie.

Sarah Crowley/Airbnb

This unique stay is very similar to other special Airbnb stays, like Carrie’s SATC apartment and the house from Scream. Along with getting to spend time in an iconic location from one of your favorite movies, guests will also get to experience some moments from the Home Alone film as well. For instance, there will be booby traps set up throughout the house, but there’s no need to worry about any unwanted intruders. Just like Kevin, you will be setting them up instead of setting them off like Marv and Harry.

Sarah Crowley/Airbnb

You’ll also get a chance to enjoy some of that scream-worthy aftershave and chow down on some nostalgic ‘90s junk food. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Home Alone stay without some of Chicago’s finest pizza. There will also be some “highly nutritious” microwavable Kraft macaroni and cheese that you can make to snack on while watching the newest Home Alone movie from Disney+ — Home Sweet Home Alone — along with other holiday classics.

Sarah Crowley/Airbnb

When you’re done “eating junk and watching rubbish” as Kevin would say, you can have a full-on Insta-worthy photoshoot in the house, recreating all your favorite scenes. Run around screaming with your arms up while dancing to "Cool Jerk" for some hilarious TikTok videos. If you’re “thirsty for more,” check out the holiday decor around the house, like the perfectly trimmed tree that will have you feeling festive AF or the statue in front that the pizza delivery guy kept knocking over.

Sarah Crowley/Airbnb

Just keep in mind you will need to book your own travel to and from Chicago if you don’t live there already. In addition to being mindful of the most current travel recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you’ll also need to follow any local health guidelines while at the Home Alone house, which, TBH, shouldn’t be too hard since you’ll want to spend all your time home alone at the McCallisters’ iconic mansion.

At the end of your overnight stay, you’ll even get a LEGO Ideas Home Alone kit to take with you, so you’ll always have the house to remember your time living like Kevin McCallister. Now, that’s definitely something to be grateful for this holiday season.

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