Harry Styles' "Satellite" music video filming locations include Los Angeles and Florida.
Where Is Harry Styles’ "Satellite" Music Video Filmed? It’s Iconic

Here are all the places his WALL-E-like robot visited on his road trip.

Harry Styles hasn’t left his Harry’s House era just yet. The 29-year-old singer recently dropped the music video for his single “Satellite.” In the video, an adorable WALL-E-like robot goes on a cross-country adventure after seeing a Mars Rover documentary narrated by Succession’s Brian Cox. This all begins at one of Styles’ concerts. Cali fans may instantly recognize this first “Satellite” music video filming location, as it’s where Styles had his Los Angeles residency of the Love On Tour.

For 15 nights, Styles took over the iconic Kia Forum arena in Inglewood between October 2022 and January 2023. During one of his January shows, Styles secretly filmed “Satellite” on stage with the robotic vacuum cleaner — unbeknownst to the fans in the audience. Four months later, the secret is out, and that’s not the only place the robot travels to in the video. Going from a backstage green room to picking up feathers around the Forum, the robot journeys all the way to Cape Canaveral, Florida to see some satellites IRL.

The video is like if WALL-E and Forrest Gump had a baby, and may inspire you to go on your own epic adventure or Styles-inspired road trip. To make sure you stop everywhere the robot goes, here are the “Satellite” music video filming locations to plug into your GPS.

Kia Forum In Los Angeles, CA
Harry Styles

While you may not be able to visit the backstage area where the vacuum robot begins its journey, you can check out “Satellite” filming locations that are open to the public. Snap a pic from the parking lot if you don’t have tickets to a Harry Styles show, or walk around the circular venue before a concert if you do.

You’ll see the robot picking up feathers after Styles’ show outside, which is a cute detail — anyone who has been to Love On Tour knows just how many feathers end up on the ground from all the boas.

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino In Las Vegas, NV
Harry Styles

As the robot heads east, it makes a pitstop in Las Vegas. For a quick second, you can see the pink lights of the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. During your road trip, you may want to stop here as well and snap a picture in front of the entrance on the strip.

Highway 163 Scenic Drive In Utah
Harry Styles

The “Satellite” robot does follow in Forrest Gump’s footsteps — or running shoes. It travels along Highway 163. This is where Forrest decides to stop running in the film, and will provide some picturesque views for your road trip TikTok vlog.

Knights Inn In Page, AZ
Harry Styles

Need a place to rest? The robot doesn’t seem to stop at all until its battery runs out of power at the end of the music video, but you can stop at the Knights Inn in Arizona. The vacuum cleaner can be seen briefly riding by this motel.

The Kennedy Space Center In Cape Canaveral, FL
Harry Styles

The robot finally makes it to the Kennedy Space Center by the end of the video — and just in time. Its battery is low as it’s sitting out in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building. You can get a close view of the VAB as well on a tour of the Kennedy Space Center. It’s just $25 on top of the price of admission, which is $75.