A woman making Halloween butter board ideas from TikTok at home.
10 Halloween Butter Board Ideas From TikTok For Your Monster Mash

There *butter* be a pumpkin board at every Halloween party.

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Don’t be surprised if you see more butter boards at your next get together or party. The viral trend has taken over just in time for the fall season, which means you may even see some Halloween butter board ideas on TikTok start to creep up on your FYP soon.

Dubbed the “new charcuterie board,” butter boards were made for sharing and large gatherings. If you haven’t been checking TikTok lately, you may not know what a butter board is. Well, a typical butter board is softened butter spread on a charcuterie board or serving tray with different toppings like salt, fruits, veggies, jams, honey, and even edible flowers. You can really get creative with your butter board, and tons of TikTokers have been showing off their aesthetic fall butter board ideas and even some genius cream cheese butter board ideas as well.

With Halloween right around the corner, though, this is the perfect time to get a little spooktacular with your butter board. Whether you decide to go with some Halloween flavors like pumpkin and candy or just spread your butter in a scary good shape, here are 10 Halloween butter board ideas to inspire you to create something ghoulishly good.

Bat Butter Board

One way to make your butter board more spooky is to sprinkle on your toppings in a Halloween-themed shape. TikToker @terranelsonhome had this genius idea to use a bat cutout on their butter as they sprinkled on some cinnamon. When you take the cutout off, you have a Halloween butter board that your friends will be all a-bat.

Slasher Board

Similar to cream cheese butter boards, you don’t necessarily have to use butter for your Halloween board. Instead, TikToker @thewaltonfamily1 went the sweet route and made this Halloween frosting board. This is perfect if your favorite part about Halloween is eating all the candy.

Of course, if you want to stick with the butter, you can use their decorating tips to create a slasher butter board as well. All you need is red food coloring to flick onto your butter to make it look like blood splatter.

Skull-Shaped Butter Board

Another way to make your butter board more festive is to spread your butter in a fun Halloween shape. For instance, TikToker @liftingiscake made this skull-shaped butter board by spreading the softened butter in a skull.

You can use knives, mini spatulas, and napkins to really clean up your skull on your platter or charcuterie board before topping off with cinnamon, honey, walnuts, and white chocolate chips.

Nutella Halloween Board

Trick-or-treat yourself to another sweet board. This Nutella Halloween board from TikToker @lunchboxdad replaces the butter with Nutella for a dessert take on the viral trend. From there, top off your Nutella with your favorite Halloween candy like candy corn and gummy worms. For even more color and crunch, sprinkle on some Halloween sprinkles ($11, Fancy Sprinkles).

Maple Breakfast Butter Board

For a brunch Halloween party, serve up this maple breakfast butter board. Following TikToker @birchbenders’ tutorial, add some maple syrup, jam, and Halloween sprinkles to your butter, and then serve with some pumpkin spice pancakes.

Dash has mini waffle makers that can cook your pancakes into fun Halloween shapes like a skull ($20, Amazon) or pumpkin ($13, Amazon) to make your board even more Insta-worthy.

Pumpkin Spice Butter Board

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without some pumpkin spice. TikToker @flouring.kitchen has this pumpkin spice version of a butter board that mixes pumpkin puree into your butter to create a soft pumpkin butter.

Mickey Pumpkin Butter Board

Disney fans will want to try this Mickey Mouse pumpkin butter board from TikToker @savvyinthekitchen.com. It definitely helps to have a Mickey-shaped cheeseboard ($60, ShopDisney) as your base, but you can also create that iconic Mickey shape on a regular board.

Use the pumpkin butter to draw in Mickey’s eyes, nose, and mouth on top of the butter spread. This board is the perfect snack choice for a movie night in to watch Hocus Pocus 2 or The Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney+.

Pumpkin Pie Butter Board

It’s always a gourd idea to go with a pumpkin-inspired butter board for Halloween, and another idea comes from TikToker @lifeandsprinkles. This pumpkin pie butter board has pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice on top with caramel and white chocolate chips. If you like this butter board idea, you could even serve it again for your friendsgiving dinner.

Sweet And Spicy Pumpkin Spice Butter Board

Bring on the heat with this sweet and spicy pumpkin butter board. After all, Halloween is about kicking things up a notch and this butter board idea from TikToker @grandbabycakes does just that.

The board starts out like a typical pumpkin butter board with pumpkin puree mixed in with the butter and spices on top. There’s also a drizzle of maple syrup and pumpkin seeds as well. Finally, @grandbabycakes adds some hot sauce on top for that spicy kick. You could always splatter on the hot sauce to a regular butter board to make it look like blood splatter.

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Board

Another way to remix your pumpkin board is to make it a pumpkin cream cheese board. Just mix together your pumpkin puree and cinnamon sugar with your cream cheese like TikToker @iyeloveslife does. One way to make it extra Halloween-y is to create a jack-o-lantern shape with your spread and top with fall flavors like apple cider jam, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds.

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