A woman in the kitchen making butter board ideas for fall from TikTok.
These Insta-Worthy Fall Butter Board Ideas From TikTok Are A Must For Any Party

Pumpkin butter? Yes, please!

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Butter boards have really taken over on TikTok. The “new charcuterie board” involves spreading softened butter onto a cheese board or tray before topping with different seasonings, veggies, and fruits. While a salted butter board with just some jam and lemon zest is a great place to start, there are butter board ideas for fall from TikTok that’ll spice up your autumn festivities.

Fall butter boards utilize the flavors of the season like pumpkin, cinnamon, and apples. While many of these butter board ideas from TikTok are on the sweeter side, there are also ways to make your boards savory if that’s what you’re craving instead. There are also plenty of opportunities and events where you would want to make butter boards this fall. Try a spooktacular and skeleton-shaped version for Halloween or put together a large butter board to share as an appetizer at your friendsgiving celebration.

Even if you’re just having a night at home with your besties to watch some fall films like You’ve Got Mail or begin your yearly tradition of re-watching Gilmore Girls together, serve up some fall butter boards with apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. For some inspiration of what to put on your grocery list, here are eight butter board ideas for the fall.

Pumpkin Butter Board

Fall is pumpkin’s time to shine. Between pumpkin muffins and pumpkin spice lattes, there’s always something gourd to try and TikToker @mariashortty has this pumpkin butter board to add to your list. Just mix some pumpkin mix with your butter and allow it to cool before spreading onto your board. Sprinkle with maple syrup and fall nuts for some added crunch.

Caramel Apple Butter Board

After apple picking with your BFF, you’ll have everything you need for this caramel apple butter board. According to TikToker @goboldwithbutter, just add slices of apples on top of your butter. Complete the board with some apple butter and a drizzle of caramel.

Apple Pie Butter Board

For a fall dessert butter board, TikToker @butterxcaviarco has this recipe. In a pan, make your own apple pie filling to then place on top of your butter. From there, you can sprinkle on nuts, dark chocolate, and salt before serving with maple cookies, pretzels, and Stroopwafels.

Cinnamon And Honey Butter Board

Another sweet butter board idea for the fall is this cinnamon and honey one from TikToker @mamainthekitchen. Cinnamon is a great fall flavor, so it’s the perfect topping for an autumn butter board. Honey and crushed walnuts go well with the cinnamon, but you can also get creative with your butter board by adding other toppings like fruit or even chocolate.

Fig And Date Butter Board

An Insta-worthy butter board to copy is this fig and date one from TikToker @agoodtable. This one is topped with tons of extras like figs, dates, pistachios, toasted almonds, cinnamon, vanilla honey, and edible flowers. While each ingredient makes your butter board more colorful, you can definitely make it your own by taking out anything you don’t like or even adding more.

Pumpkin Whipped Brown Butter Board

TikToker @foodmymuse has another pumpkin-inspired butter board idea, which uses whipped pumpkin puree with brown butter. The pumpkin brown butter has enough flavor to spread on your board by itself, but you can also top with honey, flakey sea salt, and toasted walnuts. This is the board to serve at your friendsgiving and will give all your besties pumpkin to talk about.

Skeleton Butter Board

While pumpkin boards are great for Thanksgiving, this skeleton butter board is perfect for Halloween. Just spread your butter in the shape of a skull, like TikToker @liftingiscake does. A small spatula and napkin can help to clean up your skull on the tray and make it more Insta-worthy. And while you may prefer a savory butter board with sea salt, @liftingiscake goes for a sweet version with honey, cinnamon, walnuts and white chocolate chips.

Brown Butter Apple Pie Board

The main ingredient in this brown butter apple pie board is the whipped brown butter. TikToker @foodnetworkca tops this dessert take on the TikTok trend with some chopped apples in cinnamon sugar, toasted pecans, maple syrup, and flakey salt. To complete the pie theme, serve this board with some crackers made with pie crust.

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