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Gen Z wedding trends for 2022, according to Pinterest, include pearl decor and dresses.
Gen Z Is Embracing These Unconventional Wedding Trends For 2022, According To Pinterest

Say yes to the black wedding dress!

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Gen Z is known for setting trends, whether it’s TikTok dances or fashion dos and don’ts. With many of them planning to say “I do” this year, Pinterest has put together the biggest Gen Z wedding trends for 2022 based on top searches. Pinterest really is one of the first steps in planning a wedding. You want to be able to see a visual of your dream wedding all in one place, and Pinterest allows you to do that by saving images and inspo to your board.

While searching Pinterest wedding inspiration can be fun, it may help to have some of the top wedding trends for 2022 at your fingertips to narrow down your selection. Plus, with so many weddings happening this year due to many 2020 and 2021 weddings being pushed back to 2022, you definitely want your ceremony to stand out among the crowd. That’s where these eight Gen Z wedding trends will come in handy to help you plan the most Insta-worthy and unique ceremony that you and your guests will remember forever.

From dark wedding trends to Bridgerton-inspired decor, take a look at this list and see what you’re falling head over heels for. Save your fave inspo to your Pinterest board to ensure you have a trendy and Gen Z-approved wedding day.


Incorporate Black On Your Wedding Day


Gen Z is all about having an unconventional ceremony, and that means incorporating black. While weddings are usually associated with the color white, many Gen Zers are searching for black wedding dresses instead. Searches for goth wedding decor have also increased along with vampire wedding dress inspo. If you’re not ready to fully embrace the black wedding dress trend, have a black wedding cake instead.


Add Pearl Details To Your Dress And Decor

Pearls are big in 2022. They’re not just a Gen Z wedding trend for 2022, but an overall wedding trend you’ll be seeing at a lot of ceremonies this year. Ways to include pearls in your big day is by getting a pearl veil ($65, Etsy) or a pearl wedding dress. You can even use pearls in your wedding decor and add edible pearls ($11, Walmart) to your wedding cake.


Include Forest And Woodland Vibes

Another big wedding trend for Gen Z is having forest and woodland vibes present on your big day. This really taps into the ever popular cottagecore aesthetic. One way to include forest and woodland vibes is to have enchanted forest centerpieces on your tables or an enchanted forest wedding cake. You could even have your ceremony be in a forest to really fit the fairy tale and cottagecore vibes.


Try Out The Dark Wedding Trend

Along with incorporating black, Gen Z is also embracing the dark wedding trend overall. This means embracing the dark lovers aesthetic. Other colors that go well with black under this theme are red and sage green. You could even plan to have your entire wedding party have black glam nails. In fact, it’ll be a fun bachelorette party idea to have dark wedding manicures planned for all your friends.


Celebrate Your Culture

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While being unconventional is important to Gen Z, they’re also embracing their culture and traditions more so than ever before. That means searching for wedding dresses and decor that align with your personal identification, or even embracing your partner’s cultural identity as well.


Embrace Your Unique Love Story

Along with being inclusive in different cultures, Gen Z is also embracing the idea that love is for everyone. In fact, searches for non-binary wedding inspiration have increased on Pinterest. That includes searching for non-binary wedding outfits and queer bridal party ideas. You want everyone attending your wedding to feel included.


Add Some Bridgerton-Inspired Themes

Bridgerton has really taken over everything from fashion to home decor, so it just makes sense that it’s also a Gen Z wedding trend for 2022. The Bridgerton and Regencycore inspiration doesn’t just have to be for the big day. Many couples are planning Bridgerton-inspired bachelorette parties, tea party bridal showers, and garden parties. You can even incorporate the Bridgerton vibes by having pastel colors as your wedding colors.


Add Sustainable Wedding Ideas

For Gen Z, sustainability is key for your wedding day. While your wedding day is big, it shouldn’t make a huge impact on the environment. One way to have an eco-friendly wedding is to shop for thrifted wedding dresses and decor. You can also have sustainable flowers, eco-friendly favors to hand out to your guests, and opt for digital wedding invitations instead of paper ones.

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