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Super Bowl Instagram captions to use

These Funny Football Instagram Captions Will Have You Yelling “Touchdown”

Today's forecast: 100% chance of winning.

by Kristin Corpuz
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Chicken wings, nachos, seven-layer dip, pizza, and guacamole are just the start of the festivities when it comes to game day. Whether it’s midseason or Super Bowl Sunday, you and your entire crew will be ready to cheer on your team, regardless of if you're tailgating outside the stadium or nestled up in front of the TV from the comfort of your own home. You'll definitely have your phones out to snap pics, so you'll need some funny game day captions to share your game face swag with your followers.

I'll be entirely honest with you: If I wasn't watching football on the TV with commentators, I would probably have no idea what was going on. I definitely know that a few of my friends are in the same boat as me, but that doesn't mean we can't take part in the fun. I won't really know everything that's unfolding on TV, but you best believe I'm ready to eat some delicious food — which makes for a totally acceptable game day Instagram post. Snap a shot of the impressive spread of snacks to be devoured, and pop a food-related quote in the caption. Or go all out with matching jerseys, at the ready for a group photo to pair with some funny football quotes.

Either way, if you're attending any tailgating parties (or watching from the couch), make sure you get your game face on, snap some pics, and use these funny game day quotes.

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1. "Having a ball this weekend with my very best friends."

2. "Winners never quit and quitters never win." — Vince Lombardi

3. "We are the champions, my friend." — Queen, "We Are The Champions"

4. "I like big punts and I cannot lie."

5. "Champions believe in themselves, even when no one else does."

6. "Don't worry, beer happy."

7. "Football and beer is why I'm here."

8. "We don't keep calm. It's football season."

9. "Don't run away from challenges, run over them."

10. "This game is totally going to guac my world."

11. "You think you can beat us? Now that's fantasy football."

12. "We’re the opposite of calm rn — it's the Super Bowl."

13. "If you liked the Super Bowl trophy, then you should have put a wing on it."

14. "The huddle is real."

15. "Just in queso didn't know, I'm a huge football fan."

16. "Football: My second favorite F word."

17. "I feel tail-great about this game. Punt very intended."

18. "Ball for me." — Post Malone, "Ball for Me"

19. "First we eat the wings."

20. "Super Bowl Sunday always steals a pizza my heart."

21. "The only thing getting tackled today are these nachos."

22. "Staying humble thanks to that fumble."

23. "Home is where the field is."

24. "Tackling this game, one snack at a time."

25. "We tailgate harder than your team plays."

26. "This might sound cheesy, but I think my team is really grate."

27. "Talk football to me."

28. "Touchdown for what?"

29. "I've got 99 problems, but our team isn't one."

30. "Teamwork makes the dream work." — John C. Maxwell

31. "You're only as good as your team... and mine is great."

32. "These commercials are going to give us something to taco 'bout."

33. "Un-brie-lievable."

34. "Today's forecast: 100% chance of winning."

35. "That penalty was nacho problem."

36. "Dear, quarterback. I'm wingin' it, but you shouldn't."

37. "My team's so gouda."

38. "I'm in a serious relation-chip."

39. "My team really needs to ketchup."

40. "All punts are highly intended."

41. "Blessed, never stressed, and football-obsessed."

42. "Are you ready for some football?" — Hank Williams Jr., "Are You Ready For Some Football"

43. “GET SOME: Go Every Time So Others May Everytime.” — Coach Rick Vice, Division III: Football’s Finest

44. “20 laps. Make it 30, that’s a dirty 30.” — Coach Rick Vice, Division III: Football’s Finest

45. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” Friday Night Lights

46. “Barbecues build morale. That’s why you have them.” — Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights

47. “Success is not a goal; it’s a byproduct.” — Coach Taylor, Friday Night Lights

48. “Captain Insano shows no mercy.” — Bobby, The Waterboy

49. “Stop booing people. Both teams are trying very hard.” — Guard Engleheart, The Longest Yard

50. “Yeah, let’s try some schoolyard bullsh*t.” — Paul Crewe, The Longest Yard

Even if your team loses the game, these caption ideas are all winners. You don’t even have to be a football fan to appreciate some seriously clever and funny game day quotes — happy posting.

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