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You and your bestie can use these twinning quotes to highlight you matching friend OOTDs.

55 Captions That Perfectly Capture Those Twinning Moments With Your Bestie

Even your closets are BFFs.

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If you share similar aesthetic goals, fashion sense, or even clothes, it’s very likely you and your best friend are able to pull a #twinning moment every once in a while. Those instances where you show up to brunch in matching crewnecks or realize you put on color-coordinated ‘fits are undeniably ‘Gram-worthy, so having some twinning captions for friends ready to go will make posting those OOTD pics even easier.

Let’s face it, it would feel more serendipitous when you and your bestie show up somewhere in almost identical outfits if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re so like-minded. You already share secrets and similar senses of humor, so sharing closets is just the next step in your relationship. Whether you planned it or it happens on its own, you definitely need some cute captions for when your friends are wearing similar looks. Luckily, these 55 twinning quotes will work perfectly with a selfie of you both in your matching denim jackets for the fall or sister tees for the sorority social.

You might even have a sweater you bought just because you loved seeing it on your bestie so much, which naturally increases the odds of you wearing them at the same time. Even if you aren’t wearing the exact same outfit, you and your friend might opt for a matching color combo. Whatever it is, you’ll be ready to post your adorable pic together right away thanks to these twinning clothes captions.

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  1. "No, we're not twins, but that would be awesome."
  2. "We're twice as nice."
  3. "You've got a twin in me."
  4. "It's called a twinning moment."
  5. "Felt cute, so we decided to wear the same thing."
  6. "Double trouble."
  7. "I swear we didn't plan this."
  8. "Life is two-riffic with you around."
  9. "Even though we're not sisters, we still try to dress the part."
  10. "My better half."
  11. "I know you're my person because our closets match."
  12. "No contest, we wore it better."
  13. "TFW even your #OOTD is the same."
  14. "Spot the difference."
  15. "Welcome to the twinner's circle."
  16. "All we do is twin, twin, twin."
  17. "We don't share genes, but we do share jeans."
  18. "Make 'em do a double take." — Missy Elliott, "Lose Control"
  19. "You know what color Wednesdays are for..."
  20. "You must be seeing double."
  21. "We share everything: Fries, inside jokes, and even clothes."
  22. "We look better when we're together."
  23. "Alright, who's changing?"
  24. "So, this happened today."
  25. "Twinning."
  26. "Can you guess which one is me?"
  27. "Get you a bestie whose closet looks just like yours."
  28. "I'm just like you. You're just like me. It's something anyone can see." — Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
  29. "We're hoping to be cast in 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie' remake."
  30. "We finish each other's... sandwiches!" — Frozen
  31. "An outfit so nice, we wore it twice."
  32. "We're not twins. We've just got major twin energy."
  33. "It's the *twinning outfits* for me."
  34. "Two is always better than one."
  35. "We're the flannel squad now."
  36. "If you've never had a twinning moment, can you truly say you're squad goals?"
  37. "I knew this outfit looked familiar."
  38. "Mary-Kate and Ashley vibes."
  39. "How sweet it is to be outfit twins with you."
  40. "Twinning vibes only."
  41. "The ketchup to my fries, or in this case, the ketchup to my ketchup."
  42. "Can you tell we have the same favorite colors?"
  43. "Do we get a trophy for being such twinners?"
  44. "I knew we should have texted each other this morning when we were getting ready."
  45. "Sisterhood of the matching pants."
  46. “Friends who dress together, stay together.”
  47. “Just like our outfits, we make sense together.”
  48. “Double the trouble.”
  49. “Nothing comes be-twin us.”
  50. “No, you’re not seeing double. We just wore the same thing.”
  51. “So, I guess we’re those BFFs now.”
  52. “BFF actually stands for best ‘fits forever.”
  53. “I guess ‘two is better than one’ also works for outfits.”
  54. “Twin flames!”
  55. “The suite life of [insert your names].”

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