Cricut's TikTok is full of DIY 'Friends'-inspired ideas that would make Monica proud.
Cricut’s TikTok Is Full Of DIY Ideas Meant For Friends Fans Ahead Of The Reunion

Monica would be so proud.

Hey, how you doin’, friend? If you’re anything like me, I bet you’re eagerly awaiting Friends: The Reunion on HBO Max, airing Thursday, May 27. You’ve got to keep yourself busy to help pass the time, and what better way to do that than with a little DIY project? In anticipation of the reunion of the decade, Cricut has released a line of Friends images in its Design Space that you can use to make super cute items at home. You could even work on some Friends-inspired coasters and mugs to use for your watch party on the big day.

If you’re unfamiliar with Cricut’s Design Space, it’s where you can design and download different images to use with the various Cricut products like the Cricut Joy and Cricut Mug Press. For only $20, you can download the entire “Warner Bros. - Friends™ The Television Series” set of 38 images to use on your next Cricut projects. The set contains the iconic turkey that Monica put on her head and the Central Perk couch that you could easily put on wine glasses or keychains to hand out to your group of friends as party favors. There’s also an adorable “You are my lobster” image that you can use to make a special gift for the Ross to your Rachel.

The Friends-inspired gift options are endless, but if you need a bit of a direction, Cricut’s official TikTok (@officialcricut) has some DIY ideas you can check out right now for inspiration.

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“You’re The Rachel To My Monica” Tumblers

If you made “plas” to watch the Friends reunion special with your bestie, you can make it even better by DIYing matching tumblers for specialty Central Perk-esque iced coffee drinks. Cricut has a super sweet “You’re the Rachel to my Monica” image that goes perfectly on any solid colored tumbler ($5, Target) you can find at the store. All you need to do is use your Cricut machine to cut out the image on your choice of vinyl and apply it to your cup. Could it be any simpler?

A Friends-Themed Phone Case

Another easy-to-follow tutorial is this Friends-inspired phone case. You could really use any of the images on the Cricut Design Space for this project, but for this particular case, Cricut used the colorful umbrellas from the “I’ll Be There For You” opening credits. This is a more subtle design that only true Friends fans would get. There’s also the fountain and orange couch images available, so you could recreate the entire scene if you have the space.

An “I’d Rather Be Watching Friends” Hoodie

While working on your projects, you may want to rewatch entire series. This adorable “I’d rather be watching Friends” hoodie makes the coziest marathon-watch wear. Not only does this image look good on a hoodie ($11-$35, Amazon), but a cute crewneck ($8-$29, Amazon) as well that you can sport all fall long.

Some Friends Icon Coasters

If you’re “seeing water rings” like Phoebe, you might want to make some cute Friends-themed coasters. This project will definitely come in handy during your Friends: The Reunion watch party when you’re enjoying your Central Perk-inspired cocktails. You could always just apply your favorite images to some plain coasters ($10, Target), but this TikTok tutorial takes it to the next level by using the Infusible Ink Markers ($50, Cricut) to color in the black and white images.

Not only is Cricut coming up with fun Friends DIY projects, but other TikTokers are as well. This keychain that looks like Monica and Rachel’s iconic door from TikToker @cannolisdecalboutique can provide great inspo. So, you can always start with some of these projects, but also feel free to pivot and get creative.