2 happy friends on the first day of fall, which won't affect their zodiac signs as much.

You Might Not Feel As Shaken By The First Day Of Fall If You’re 1 Of These Signs

There’s still a whole lot to learn, though.

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You know that feeling where everything is changing around you, yet you don’t feel particularly startled by the transition? Yes, the world is constantly evolving, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re evolving with it. Summer — the season of romance, creativity, abundance, and indulgence — is coming to an end and the shift might even feel bittersweet. However, if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will be affected by the fall equinox 2021 the least, you might not feel as shaken by the seasonal shift.

Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are the zodiac signs you can always rely on as a pillar of strength in the midst of so much movement. These zodiac signs may be slow to change, but when they do finally decide to do something differently, it’s done with so much intent. When the world feels the need to rush into the next phase, fixed signs hang back, unwilling to uproot their longstanding authenticity so easily. That’s just one of the reasons fixed signs might not feel the fall equinox as intensely as other zodiac signs.

Taking place on Sept. 22 at 3:21 p.m. ET, the fall equinox is also the moment the sun enters Libra. For fixed signs, this shift will activate their cadent houses (aka the third house, the sixth house, the ninth house, and the 12th house). In astrology, cadent houses aren’t where major changes tend to take place — but they are where so much is learned, gleaned, and exchanged.

However, just because fixed signs may not feel jolted by the seasonal change doesn’t mean they won’t feel it at all. In fact, here’s what they can expect:


Taurus: You’re Replenishing Your System And Tweaking Techniques

This autumn, you have a powerful opportunity to reform your everyday routine and your self-care regimen. How can you utilize your energy more effectively so you can accomplish more on a day-to-day basis? How can you prioritize your physical and mental needs while maintaining your commitment to your work? It’s all about balance, but it’s also about perseverance, so treat each day like a new opportunity.

Leo: You’re Communicating Ideas And Absorbing Information

This seasonal shift is all about learning. Learning how to use your voice more effectively. Learning how to listen when someone else is talking. Learning how to express your ideas confidently and without trepidation. You may be embracing information like a sponge as new concepts fill your brain. At times, it may even feel like too much at once, so find a way to remember the details that feel important.

Scorpio: You’re Releasing Energy You’re Ready To Say Goodbye To

You may feel as though you’re releasing something that you’ve been carrying as the fall equinox takes place. You may even feel like embracing solitude so that you can have a moment to reconcile the fact that you’re moving on from something. Nothing lasts forever, and if you’re living in the past, you may be taking the present moment for granted. Give yourself a chance to make peace with what you’re losing, but also with what you’re gaining.

Aquarius: You’re Embracing New Opportunities With An Open Mind

This autumn, the world may start opening up for you, revealing spontaneous opportunities for you to grab onto. The world is a lot bigger than you thought it was and the energy behind this equinox is encouraging you to take advantage of all the places you have yet to explore and the things you have yet to see. Open your mind, let go of your stubborn opinions, and all yourself to have a little faith.

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