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It’s Time To Set Some Boundaries This Fall

Say goodbye to those playful summer romances.

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Fall is a the time of year when things really start to change. The hue of the leaves on the trees becomes warmer, the air becomes cooler, and the things that were once important to you in during 100-degree weather seem like less of a priority. The spiritual meaning of the fall equinox has more to do with setting boundaries than initiating a playful summer romance. The relationships you’ve likely embarked on during the hotter months are now solidified as real, genuine connections, and the start of Libra season likely has you eager to deepen those bonds. The cardinal modality of the sign Libra fuels you with initiation, but in a way that prioritizes the other person more than yourself. While this can do wonders for your social life, it’s important that you don’t forget to bring your own desires along for the ride, too.

The fall equinox coincides with the day that Libra season begins, which isn’t a coincidence. It’s a reminder that things are changing again, and this time, in a way that prioritizes unity, love, and balance. Think about it: we haven’t experienced a Venus-ruled season since May (Taurus) doesn’t that sound like forever ago? Your relationships with the people in your life have likely changed drastically since then, and now is the time to shift your attention back to these connections.

The only thing about Libra season though, is that the sun is considered in “fall” in Libra. This is because the sun represents our ego and sense of self; in Libra, the sun is far more concerned with others than it is with its own desires. There’s a reason why the sun has its domicile in Leo and its exaltation in Aries. It has all the resources it needs to shine brightly in those signs, while Libra season represents a time when our days begin to shorten and the sun doesn’t get as much airtime. This translates to you directing a lot of your time and energy to others; most specifically, your romantic relationships. The fall equinox is asking that while you prioritize your connections, you don’t lose your sense of self in the process.

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The Fall Equinox Takes Place On Sept. 22, 2021 at 3:21 p.m. ET

Libra is a sign all about balance. Let’s face it, those born during Libra season tend to be excellent mediators. This is a time where you too could be feeling the need to lean into your desire for fairness and equality in your life, specifically in your relationships with others. But be sure to extend yourself the same level of grace that you extend to your peers. Your ability to understand every side to every story should be reciprocated, and you deserve to have people in your life who are willing to grant you with the same amount of kindness that you give out. While it may be a challenge, this is a time to say no when needed, put your foot down if you feel taken advantage of, and walk away from people if you feel like you’re not being appreciated. Don’t allow your desire for connection to overshadow your sense of self, because at the end of the day, that’s all you really have.

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