'Emily in Paris' Season 3 returns to Netflix and fans can visit an 'Emily in Paris' pop-up in NYC.

This Emily In Paris Christmas Market In NYC Is So Insta-Worthy

The free pop-up also has early screenings of Season 3.

Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Grab your passport, because the premiere of Emily in Paris Season 3 is almost here. There are so many reasons to love Emily in Paris, from Lily Collin’s stunning outfits to the show’s dramatic love triangles. However, “the City of Love” really takes center stage in the Netflix series as its main star. In fact, it’s inspired many fans to add Paris to the top of their wanderlust bucket lists. Luckily, if you live in Manhattan, there is an Emily in Paris Christmas market pop-up arriving just in time for you to get excited for Season 3 — and it’s totally free.

Netflix really had fans waiting for the full-length Season 3 Emily in Paris trailer a long time before it dropped on Nov. 30. If you’re someone who gets excited easily and is equally impatient, it may have been perfect timing for you, because you won’t have to wait long to see Emily’s story pick back up. Anyone who hasn’t added it to their cal just yet and is wondering, when is Emily in Paris Season 3 available, be sure to make note of Dec. 21, which is when you can watch all episodes. Think of it as your slightly early Christmas present to keep you busy while traveling back home or enjoying your holiday break.

This season is sure to be just as exciting as the previous two, with Emily having to make a lot of decisions. Should she stay in Paris or go back to Chicago? Will Emily choose Gabriel or Alfie? What about Gabriel versus her friendship with Camille? There is a lot on the table, and to pass the time as you ponder these questions for Season 3, fans can enjoy a bit of Emily in Paris... in New York City.

What Is The Emily In Paris Pop-Up In NYC?


Immerse yourself in the world of Emily in Paris without having to pack a carry-on bag. All you need to do is head to Centre Street in NYC between Broome and Grand. That’s where the Emily in Paris pop-up will be. NYC’s “Little Paris” will have an Emily in Paris-inspired Christmas market and theater to watch screenings of the first three episodes of Season 3.

Since Emily is a Insta influencer, there will be tons of Instagrammable moments inspired by the series as well. For instance, who could forget Emily’s chocolate croissant from Season 1? Well, foodies can have a delicious ‘Gram-worthy moment with some crepes and hot chocolate. There will also be a mini bouquet cart similar to the one from Season 1, where you can grab a colorful bouquet to post on Insta with Emily’s caption: “#EverythingsComingUpRoses!”

Camille says, “Paris seems like a big city, but it’s really just a small town,” and Little Paris will feel like an even smaller version for you to explore. Since it’s a Christmas market, there will also be “holiday-themed sights and giveaways tied” to Emily in Paris that include a holiday gift wrapping station that will have mini wrapping kits to go.

Just be sure to bring along the Mindy to your Emily. The first five sets of BFFs will get free Zapped bracelets at the Catbird Holiday Market from noon to 1 p.m. Afterwards, guests can get a free market tote bag and Catbird gift card, while supplies last. If you share a selfie with your bestie on social with #EmilyinNewYork, you’ll get a stamp at the experience as well.

There’s even a happy hour from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. for you to check out after work. Since it’s supposed to be Paris, you’ll get to sip on some complimentary Champére — aka Camille’s family’s champagne brand. Hopefully, no one hurts themselves popping this Champére.

When Is The Emily In Paris Little Paris Experience In NYC?

Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

The Little Paris experience will be open to the public Dec. 15 through Dec. 17. The pop-up runs from noon to 6 p.m., so you might want to take a long lunch break like Emily’s coworkers to visit it during the week. Plus, starting Dec. 16, there will be free screenings of Emily in Paris Season 3 at the Paris Theater Marquee in Midtown. The screenings will happen each day at 6:30 p.m. and will run through Dec. 20 — aka the day before the premiere. Passes are available now through Gofobo, so register before they’re gone.

Not only will you get to watch the first three episodes on a giant screen, but the marquee outside will also become an Insta-worthy moment as well. Instead of just saying Paris Theater, it will be transformed to say “Emily In Paris” with a giant Eiffel Tower. The marquee will actually be up early on Dec. 15 and will have daily light shows. So, even if you can’t get tickets or aren’t able to stop by Little Paris, you can enjoy a bit of the Emily in Paris magic in NYC.