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Kendall Jenner's beauty evolution over the years, what your seventh house in astrology means, and more.

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EmRata Is Done Being “A Caricature”

“Throughout our conversation, it feels like I’m talking to someone named Emily, not someone famous for being EmRata: the A-list model, entrepreneur, and author,” writes Hannah Kerns, who had a chance to chat with this very famous Emily about her new podcast, High Low. EmRata’s latest project is a conscious choice to focus on her words rather than her body — she told Elite Daily that she no longer wants to be perceived as a “one-dimensional” character. READ MORE

Kendall Jenner’s Beauty Evolution Is Fascinating

I strongly urge you to get Peacock just so that you can rewatch Keeping Up With The Kardashians from the beginning. Because sometimes it’s hard to forget how young Kendall and Kylie were in 2007 when this show started filming (12 and 10, respectively). But Kendall has certainly come a long way — from her first moments in the spotlight to her bonafide modeling career, here are all the ways her beauty looks evolved. READ MORE


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How To Get Hailey Bieber’s Balletcore Athleisure Look

If you thought that dreamy pastels and soft fabrics were going away before winter, well, think again. Balletcore is really perfect year-round (um hello, The Nutcracker is a hugely famous wintertime ballet), and these looks from Hailey Bieber are a must. Here’s how you can update your ballerina best for the holiday season — and beyond. READ MORE

Your Seventh House In Astrology Has All The Tea On Your Relationships

If there’s one topic that comes up alllll the time in astrology, it’s love. Who will you end up with? What’s your future partner going to be like? Will your current relationship last? For many, these are the questions that pique that initial interest in the cosmos. To find the answers to these inquiries, there’s one place in your birth chart that holds all the intel: the seventh house. READ MORE


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