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Michelle Young’s genius breakup advice, Emma Chamberlain-style travel hacks, and more.

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Michelle Young Basically Wrote You A Breakup Survival Guide

Former Bachelorette Michelle Young may be “fully healed” from her recent breakup with Nayte Olukoya, but that doesn’t mean getting over the called-off engagement was easy. “I was down and out for a really long time as it was going down. I sat in it. I had to deal with it,” Young tells Elite Daily. The 29-year-old reveals her “intense” healing process, her best breakup advice, and how she blocks out the public’s opinion. READ MORE

The Case For Dating Yourself This Holiday Season

As you head home for the holidays, marathon-watch Love, Actually, and run into your high school ex at the hometown dive bar, professional single person Allison Goldberg has an important message: celebrate your singledom. “Despite the endless romance we’re sold during the holidays, being single is not a problem. It’s a solution,” Goldberg writes. ‘Tis the season for doing literally anything you want. READ MORE


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Meet The Swiftie Who’s Become TikTok’s “Bejeweled” Icon

On Oct. 22, Swiftie Mikael Arellano posted a 12-second TikTok video dancing to Taylor Swift’s new song “Bejeweled.” A strut, “shimmer,” and 3.6 million views later, he’s now become the unofficial choreographer for Swift’s Midnights era. We spoke to the 21-year-old about the inspiration behind his viral Midnights dances, getting recognized by fans, and his favorite takes on his strut. READ MORE

7 Tips From Emma Chamberlain’s Travel Vlogs For Unforgettable Adventures

If you’re planning your 2023 getaway, look no further than Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube to be your low-maintenance travel guide. “Chamberlain’s travel vlogs feel like embarking on an adventure with a bestie, because she’ll stop at a cafe to crack jokes over a coffee or hold up an item in a shop and giddily explain why she’s taking it home with her. She also shares the in-between moments of her trips, like stopping in a grocery store to discover Amsterdam tampons are very different than the ones at home,” writes Olivia Cigliano. READ MORE


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