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Elite Daily Newsletter: November 10, 2022

Jason Momoa’s latest changes to those luscious locks, Kendall Jenner spa vibes, and more.

by Lilli Petersen
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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Jason Momoa’s Buzzcut (& Head Tattoo!) Hit The Red Carpet For The First Time

At long last, Jason Momoa finally stepped out for his first post-big-chop red carpet appearance, and it was a total serve. Despite the dismay that some folks felt when the Aquaman actor’s luscious locks were shorn in September, the head tattoo and undercut combo Momoa debuted at the Los Angeles Slumberland premiere was far from a dramatic transformation. Even better? The outfit he paired with the ‘do for his first public outing. READ MORE

Kendall Jenner's Bathroom Decor Is The Ultimate Self-Care Haven

As we creep closer and closer to winter, that also means that we creep closer to treat-yourself, home-spa season. Kendall Jenner is ahead of the game though — her stunning bathroom is definitely where all the magic happens. The centerpiece of the room is a large golden bathtub surrounded by rustic touches like vintage flower prints and wood accents. The model gave Poosh a peek into her bathroom, and we spotted tons of Kendall Jenner bathroom decor hacks that you can snag for yourself. READ MORE


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The 2022 midterm elections are finally over (well, kind of). But as the results roll in, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: That young voters turned out in force, and it might have been enough to swing some big races. Don’t ever let anyone tell you “young people don’t care about politics.” READ MORE

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