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Jason Momoa, with short hair, buzzcut, and head tattoo, attends the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix'...

Jason Momoa's Buzzcut & Head Tattoo Made Their Red Carpet Debut

Fans of his flowing locks won’t be disappointed.

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At long last, Jason Momoa finally stepped out for his first post-big-chop red carpet appearance, and it was a total serve. Despite the dismay that some folks felt when the Aquaman actor’s luscious locks were shorn in September, the head tattoo and undercut combo Momoa debuted at the Los Angeles Slumberland premiere was far from a dramatic transformation. Surprisingly, it actually looked familiar.

On Sept. 5, fans were shocked when Momoa shared an Instagram post of himself minus his signature long hair. The See actor filmed himself mid-haircut literally holding up two chopped-off braids. Sure, Momoa was raising awareness about single-use plastic, but the loss of his beachy waves sent shockwaves through the long-haired zaddy stan community. The roller coaster ride didn’t end there either. About a week later, Momoa shared photos of himself getting a culturally significant tattoo on his scalp. Receiving the hand-tapped Kākau tattoo was, according to the actor, a “powerful moment” and an honor.

Since then, the Justice League actor hasn’t made any red carpet appearances, though he has remained active on social media, leaving fans to wonder what Momoa’s shaved head and tattooed scalp would look like under the spotlight. As of Wednesday, Nov. 9, the guesswork has been removed from the equation.

Araya Doheny/WireImage/Getty Images

Wearing a pair of very silky-looking pajamas and carrying a plush pig, Momoa was clearly vibing on the Slumberland red carpet. Despite being close-cropped on either side, his hair, pulled back into a half-bun, half-ponytail, didn’t even look that short. As it has in the past, the action star’s loosely curled hair even looked well-hydrated. Momoa’s hair is growing out again. Nature is healing.


It’s been about two months since the Dune actor’s hair transformation and, truth be told, his new look isn’t all that different from his pre-tattoo days. Before the big chop, Momoa often wore his hair, which usually teetered around shoulder-length, in a ponytail-bun style. In fact, sans tattoo, his look at the Slumberland premiere was comfortingly familiar. Any self-identified Khaleesi can rest easy. The Game of Thrones alum might have about 50% less hair than he used to, but it looks like his long-haired aesthetic isn’t going anywhere.