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Elite Daily Newsletter: July 27, 2022

Some sneaky 'Stranger Things' editing is happening, plus how to treat any kind of acne, and more.

By Hayley Schueneman
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

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Jupiter Retrograde Says It’s Time To Make Your Own Luck

We know that retrogrades bring some serious cosmic sh*t into our lives, and now Jupiter is entering the chat on July 28. Jupiter is the planet that rules luck and prosperity, and this transit will last all the way until October. I can’t help but think that Billy Zane’s villainous character in Titanic was born during a Jupiter retrograde: Who else would utter the daring line, “A real man makes his own luck?” READ MORE

Flaring Up: Your Breakouts, Deciphered

Ugh, acne, amirite? I had beautiful skin in my teens only to be completely attacked by horribly painful acne in my 20s, which you KNOW I picked at constantly (😭) leaving me with, you guessed it: scarring. I have found salvation in my favorite vitamin C serum, but still, it’s rough out here! If you are at any point in your journey with acne, whether it is embracing your skin’s natural fluctuations like Emma Brooks or looking into prescription solutions, we’ve got you (and your skin) covered. READ MORE

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Kim And Kylie Are Also Super Annoyed With IG Right Now

The phrase “pivot to video” will always send a shiver down my spine, and it looks like I’m in good company. If the actual queens of social media are annoyed with your platform, then I’m sorry, you’re f*cking up! Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have literally built billion dollar empires with their IG presence, and guess what? It wasn’t from — no shade — recycling three-month-old TikTok trends. READ MORE

Wait, Did The Stranger Things Creators Go Back And Edit Old Episodes?

Listen, we all remember the iconic Starbucks cup that sneakily made its way into a scene in the truly awful waste of time final season of Game of Thrones. Mistakes and continuity errors are a part of any movie or TV show. But with streaming, it’s becoming super easy to edit existing episodes of your favorite shows, and fans are divided on whether that’s a good thing, a bad thing, or a Stranger thing (sorry). READ MORE


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