You'll want to try all of these DIY #WitchTok TikTok crafts.
10 DIY #WitchTok Tutorials To Get Your Home Ready For Spooky Season

Witch DIY project are you going to start first?

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It’s the most spooktacular time of the year. With fall around the corner and Halloween on the horizon, it’s not surprising at all that #WitchTok is currently trending on TikTok. Scrolling through the hashtag on your phone, you’ll discover tarot card readings, potion recipes, and even hacks on how to keep your crystals energized. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to get into the spirit of the season, especially with all the DIY #WitchTok tutorials that include crafts you can make at home to decorate your space.

If witchy is the vibe you’re going for this fall, you’ll definitely want to hang up a crescent moon wreath on your door or add a crystal mirror to your vanity. There are also spell jars that make cute gifts to put into boo baskets for your sisters as well as crystal succulents for your plant-loving besties. You could even decorate your dorm with some of these “do it yourself” #WitchTok ideas from the TikTok community.

Instead of breaking the bank buying autumn and Halloween decor for your home, just plan a wine and crafts night with your BFFs to follow along and recreate any of these 10 DIY #WitchTok videos. Make it extra special by brewing up some festive pumpkin cocktails and watch a festive movie like Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic while you get your craft on. It’s witchever way you like to have fun.

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Crescent Moon Wreath

This crescent moon wreath is a total vibe and so easy to make. Just follow TikToker @thatgirllizard13’s tutorial and cut a wreath form ($4, JOANN) to make the crescent moon shape. Use your creativity to then decorate your moon-shaped wreath with whatever crystals, twine, and fake flowers you want. The end result is something you’ll want to keep on your front door or above your bed frame all year long.

Amethyst Mirror

If you’ve got the time, this amethyst mirror from TikToker @julesskelton is totally worth it. You’ll save tons of money by just glueing amethyst crystals ($10, Amazon) to a thrifted or cheap mirror. You can even switch up the crystals if something like a rose quartz mirror or citrine mirror is more your style.

Homemade Rosary Beads

According to TikToker @gianusystem, rosary beads used to be made out of actual roses. So, treat yourself to a fresh bouquet, and once your roses have started to wilt, dry them to make your very own homemade rosary beads with this tutorial. You can use your beads to make your own jewelry or get creative with them. One fun idea is to store them at the bottom of a mason jar to use as a pencil holder, which will also keep your WFH desk smelling faintly of roses.

Good Grades Spell Jar

Some cute gift ideas are these spell jars from TikToker @crystalsforyou1111. This good grades one is filled with salt, peppermint, thyme, lavender, tigers eye, green aventurine, and a bay leaf. It’s perfect for a new fall semester, but there’s also spell jars for things like more motivation and money. Find some cute mini jars ($4, Michaels) to make your own and add your spell jars to whatever boo baskets you’re putting together for friends this season.

Fairy Wings

These homemade fairy wings from TikToker @flyinfestation can be used in a few different ways. They can either make cute cottagecore-inspired decor for your bedroom or be used for your fairy Halloween costume. Either way, you’ll need an old wire hanger, iridescent paper, and spray adhesive to craft them yourself.

Crystal Succulent

If you’re a plant bae who wants to fill your bedroom with lots of succulents and indoor plants, follow this tutorial from TikToker @rockturfandlandscape to make a crystal succulent pot. Find a planter and fill it with various succulents. Then, fill in all the extra space with different colored crystals.

Vintage Print Collage

If you’re really into collage walls, follow TikToker @craftcupid’s lead and print out these vintage prints to make a witch-inspired wall in your bedroom. Switching up your collage every season is a great way to give your space new life. Along with these free prints, you can also include some other witchy photos ($8, Etsy) for a real coven vibe.

Crystal Crown

A super cute #WitchTok DIY project is this crystal crown from TikToker @roxyrosecreations. Just use some wire to wrap crystal beads ($8, Michaels) around a headband ($9, Amazon). Make one for you and all the witches in your coven — aka your besties — to wear whenever you’d like or for a fall-inspired photoshoot in the backyard.

Crystal Charging Hotel

Need a place to store your crystals? Well, you can always make a crystal charging hotel like this one from TikToker @the_happihippi. Just find a cute glass storage box and purify it with incense. If you really follow @the_happihippi’s lead, add some pink Himalayan salt for the base and top off with your crystals for a piece that’s perfect for your dresser or vanity. If your crystals need sunlight or moonlight, it’ll also look cute near your windowsill.

Fairy Spoons

These fairy spoons from TikToker @hereatthecottage are adorable and very cottagecore. They make the perfect decorative spoons for simple uses like measuring out your loose leaf tea. Just use some copper wire to weave through seashells ($8, Amazon) that have holes in them to make the spoon design.