Dixie D'Amelio and MyMuse came out with a Passion soda, and I tried it.

I Tried Dixie D'Amelio's MyMuse Soda & It’s Perfect For Spring

I found my poolside sip.

Dixie D’Amelio is joining celebs like Kylie Jenner and getting into the soda game. The 22-year-old content creator first teased her collab with MyMuse back in January, announcing that she was working on a much-needed “influencer product” on Instagram. Now, D’Amelio’s passion fruit-flavored drink is finally hitting shelves, and I got to try it early.

Before the launch, D’Amelio sat down with Elite Daily to share some of the inspiration behind her Passion soda. While The D’Amelio Show star has worked with MyMuse since 2020, she was surprised when they asked her if she wanted to create her own soda flavor. “I got so much creative control to the point where I was like, ‘Are you guys sure you trust me this much?’”

Even though D’Amelio had her doubts, as a certified trendsetter, she stepped out of her comfort zone and used her know-how to create a delicious caffeine-free sip. The main star of MyMuse and D’Amelio’s Passion soda is the passion fruit flavor, which was not the TikToker’s first choice. “Passion fruit was kind of random for me, but I've tried it more within the last couple years and fell in love.”

Figuring out what I’m passionate about has been such a major theme in my life.

Not only has D’Amelio become a fan of the fruit, but she says she really loves the word “passion” in general. “Passion has so much meaning with the things I do,” she says. “Figuring out what I’m passionate about has been such a major theme in my life, so I thought it was cool to include passion fruit and tie it all together.”

Being able to create a tasty bev that D’Amelio can take anywhere was an added bonus as well. Between filming a reality show with her family, running businesses like D’Amelio Footwear, and even recording a “folk Americana” album — which she plans to release this year — the “Be Happy” singer has quite the schedule. Caffeine may be a great pick-me-up for some people, but D’Amelio says it’s not good for her “anxiety or health.”

That’s why D’Amelio loves that her Passion soda is “MyMuse's first non-caffeinated drink,” and it really does help keep her going throughout the day. “There are a lot benefits in the Passion soda that I think are really exciting, like electrolytes, magnesium, and potassium,” she says. Staying hydrated was D’Amelio’s self-care goal for the year, so being able to enjoy something she created on-the-go has really been a passion project.


Getting to hear her talk about the Passion soda only piqued my interest more, so here’s what I thought of Dixie D’Amelio’s Passion soda.

You Should Never Doubt That Dixie D’Amelio Has Taste


D’Amelio has proven time and time again that she’s someone you can trust has good taste. Whether it’s a pop song she’s written or a trendy mullet she’s debuting on the ‘gram, D’Amelio knows what’s up — so I should have known that Passion would be as good as she said it was.

The MyMuse soda is subtle at first, but then really hits you with the delicious passion fruit flavor. And that strong, fruity taste really grows, but in a nice, fulfilling way. This may be a bit too sweet for people who are used to fruit-flavored seltzers, but it’s perfect for anyone who is a fan of Fanta or Jarritos.

Spring is a perfect time to release this new soda collab, because with the first sip, I could imagine myself sitting poolside with an ice cold can in my hand. It took me back to eating lilikoi on a farm in Hawaii, so I will definitely be bringing these to any outdoor picnics or movies in the park this summer as well. D’Amelio was right — this drink is one you want to bring with you everywhere you go.