Delysia’s Halloween chocolate truffles include a candy corn flavor.

It’s (Candy) Corn! These Chocolates Taste Like The Iconic Halloween Treat

There are peanut butter and caramel flavors, too.

Courtesy of Delysia

IMHO, any time is good time to chow down on some candy, but Halloween is when the big players come out. Love it or hate it, candy corn finds its time to shine in October, and one chocolate company is pairing the iconic spooky season treat with another classic: chocolate. Delysia’s Halloween Chocolate Truffle collection comes with nine bite-sized chocolates if three flavors perfect for fall. With their fitting Halloween designs, you’ll want to check out the the unique candy corn flavor as well as more traditional options like peanut butter and caramel chocolate truffles. You may not be going door-to-door for candy anymore, but honestly, these treats sound even better.

Candy corn haters might think these truffles are so not it, but since the flavor is combined with chocolate, maybe this is where both sides of the Halloween flavor debate can find some middle ground. Or not, haters gonna hate.

The iconic (and divisive) corn kernel-shaped candy is one of the inspirations behind this sugary bite, and the distinct honey and vanilla flavors of candy corn come through in the white chocolate shell of the truffle, according to Delysia. Oh yeah, the candy corn flavor is marked by an equally festive design, so you know which one to dig into. Traditionalists who don’t prefer the candy kernel might opt for the nutty and salty-sweet peanut butter truffle or the sticky-sweet caramel truffle.

Courtesy of Delysia

The special Halloween pack debuted on the Delysia website in October 2021, and it’s back for a second year of spooky season goodness. You’ll get three of each truffle flavor in a box, and the designs include candy corn, spider webs, and an understated orange-and-brown stripe. Priced at $28.95, it might be a little more than you would usually spend on chocolate, but you’ll be so ~festive~. You can buy it online through Oct. 31.

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Once you’ve got your chocolate taken care of, make sure your Halloween spread is set with trendy options like a seasonal butter board. And hey, maybe even add some more candy corn? If nothing else, you can use it as an excuse to spin the ultimate fall banger “It’s Corn!” by Tariq from Recess Therapy. Fingers crossed they’ll release a candy corn remix!