The Halloween Candy You’re Craving Most, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween candy is arguably the best part of the entire holiday. Like, I get it, costumes are fun, but have you tried riding a sugar high after indulging in your favorite sweets? Great times. I bet I can even tell you the Halloween candy you're craving most based on your zodiac sign, too. Because the thing is, your sign doesn't just give you insight about how your day's going to go when you read your daily horoscope. It also reveals key things about your personality — and yes, that definitely includes which candy you're going to take home come Oct. 31 (as you unapologetically trick-or-treat like the full-grown, adult badass you truly are).

Now, just because certain candies correlate with certain zodiac signs, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy any candy your heart desires — seriously, eat your heart out, girl (literally). This list is just a spooky little reminder of what Halloween treat matches your astrological characteristics best. And who knows — it might just match up exactly with what you've been craving since the autumn season officially began.

Besides, if you ask me, Halloween in general is all about self-expression. You can tap into different parts of your personality through your unique costume choices, and you can channel your inner childlike spirit by going totally HAM on the sweet, nostalgic candies you love most. Here's the Halloween candy your zodiac sign is craving most this spooky season.

Aquarius Wants All The Sour Patch Kids

sourpatchkids on Twitter

Aquarius, you're incredibly unique and inventive, so it's no surprise you're drawn to the sour-sweet flavor of Sour Patch Kids. Plus, the brand is always releasing new flavors of the candy for you to try and experiment with. Like, have you seen the new Candy Corn Sour Patch Kids flavor? Right up your alley, girl.

Pisces Is Craving The Milky Way

milkyway on Twitter

Pisces gals are comforting, compassionate, and endlessly warm, so this sign is definitely craving the soft, caramel, nougat-y goodness that comes with biting into a delicious Milky Way bar. Stock up on these candies, my friend — your future self will thank you.

Aries Loves Hot Tamales

hottamalesbrand on Twitter

An Aries personality is confident, dynamic, and adventurous, so obviously their taste in candy is going to be just as bold as they are. Don't hold back when it comes to this spicy and daring treat — you know it's all you've been thinking about, and now is the time to treat yourself, Aries.

Taurus Can't Get Enough Of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

reeses on Twitter

Taurus girls are loving and luxurious and endlessly reliable. So, what better way to enjoy the Halloween candy season than with some OG Reese's cups? Go for the full-sized cup over the bite-sized treats if you can — your taste buds will be in heaven.

Gemini Is Probably Nomming On Some Nerds


Geminis are quirky, fun, and honestly, kind of nerdy in the best way possible. Accentuate your intelligence with some sweet and crunchy Nerds; maybe even get a few Nerds ropes, if you're feeling ~wild~. After all, Nerds are great in and of themselves, but everyone knows the ropes are downright impossible to resist.

Cancer Is All About The M&M's

nerdist on Twitter

Cancer, you're probably the "mom" of the group, but that's what makes you so loving, organized, and overall, an amazing friend. Look for a bag of classic M&M's at the grocery store this Halloween to satisfy your sweet tooth. The hard shell and smooth center are practically calling your name, girl.

If You See A Leo, Give Them A Twix Bar

twix on Twitter

A Leo's personality tends to be a mix of sensual and creative, but this sign can also be a little bossy from time to time, so the crunchy, yet decadent and smooth Twix bar is just what they need come Oct. 31. Plus, let's be real: Twix bars are so underrated — treat yo'self to all the chocolatey goodness, girl.

Virgo Can't Get Enough Of Candy Corn

nascarcasm on Twitter

Virgo, you're a bit of a perfectionist, so you may be inclined to opt for the most Halloween-themed candy ever this October: candy corn. Despite the great debate on whether these things are actually good, you love them with all your heart, and you won't let anyone give you sh*t for your choice, ever.

Libras Go HAM On The Gummy Bears

polan on Twitter

Libras can be found diving into a pack of juicy, chewy gummy bears, because the classic candy is as charming and easygoing as they are. If you see a Libra, give them a pack of Haribo gummy bears — they'll love you forever. Just trust me on this one.

Scorpio, Treat Yourself To Some Twizzlers

twizzlers on Twitter

Scorpios have the eternal reputation of being incredibly passionate, sexual, obsessive, and magnetic. For Halloween, this sign is sure to be all about their blood-red Twizzlers — and don't think that they're not fully aware that this candy is a total aphrodisiac, either.

Sagittarius And Skittles Are A Match Made In Heaven

skittles on Twitter

Optimism and joy define the persona of a Sag gal, so you can pretty much guarantee she's craving the taste of the rainbow that comes with a pack of Skittles. Yum.

Capricorn Is Obsessed With Tootsie Pops

mrowl on Twitter

A Capricorn's determination and drive allows them to accomplish absolutely anything they put their mind to. Getting to the center of a Tootsie Pop this Halloween? "Bring it on," said every Capricorn ever.