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Young woman turning 25, waiting to hear life-changing comments on her 25th birthday.
10 Things You Need To Hear On Your 25th Birthday That Can Be Life-Changing

Take it from a 26-year-old.

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Turning 25 is quite the milestone in life. It’s often marked by cards that say, “Congrats! You’re a quarter-of-a-century years old,” and birthday bashes with cocktails. Rarely, people tell you it also comes with a bit of nerves. While you’ve learned plenty of life lessons and had so many amazing adventures thus far, you may feel lost or like a major imposter post-opening gifts. It’s OK to feel that way, and the things you need to hear on your 25th birthday will remind you that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

At this point, you may be working toward your so-called dream job, or climbing the ladder in your industry. You may be surrounded by a large group of friends or a couple of besties, and live in your childhood home or an apartment in the city with your SO. Whether you’re content with the way things are, or getting quite restless at the thought of everything that’s left on your bucket list, it’s key to remind yourself that it’s never too early or late to be exactly who you want to be. In fact, the “grown-ups” will tell you that they’re still finding what they’re passionate about and learning how to be the best version of themselves, all while mentally feeling like they’re approximately 17 years old.

The key to being 25 (and above) is to stop comparing yourself to others — even though it’s hard — and squeeze the most out of your life each and every day. When in doubt, put on your favorite songs, call your BFF, take a cozy nap, or dance in the kitchen. Also, remind yourself of these 10 life-changing things you need to hear when turning 25.


"You're A Quarter-Of-A-Century Years Old!"

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First things first: You need to hear the very cheesy (and probably overrated phrase), "You're a quarter-of-a-century years old!" (Even though you’re still young.) It'll likely be written inside a card from your bestie, or a text message from your dad or the dad figure in your life. After reading it, you might respond with something sarcastic or a laughing face emoji.

What you may not realize is how life-changing this phrase can be, simply because it gives you the chance to define what being 25 means to you. The cliché quote is a reminder that you have enough experience to create your best version of life, and then time to actually enjoy it.


"Let The Little Things Go."

Whether it's your milestone birthday or not, it's always good to be reminded of what's worth your time and energy. Right now, you may be stressing about a petty argument you had or the pizza boxes your roommate left on the kitchen counter. Let those little things go, OK? You’ll likely feel more happy and free.

More often than not, you probably worry about things that aren't going to happen or are out of your control, like your BFF getting upset that you didn’t immediately text them back, or your future. Changing your mindset makes you more resistant to life’s little upsets, puts things in perspective, and releases the added weight you’ve put on your shoulders.


"Keep Going, You Are Getting There."

When some people turn 25, they get nervous about where they think they're "supposed to be" in life. They compare themselves to others who are traveling the world, getting engaged, or buying a house for the first time. You may catch yourself in the act, too, when you think or say, "Ugh! When is that going to happen for me?"

Here’s the deal: You’re right where you’re supposed to be. While that may be frustrating, if you really want to be somewhere else, you’ll one day realize why things didn’t work out the way you originally hoped they would. The path you’re on is leading you to the love of your life, an experience you can’t even fathom having, or straight-up peace. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and take it to heart when someone says, "You are getting there."


"Find Beauty In Everything And Everywhere."

As you grow up, you may find that your morning routine of making coffee and getting ready for work are set in place. Unlike the days when you’d spontaneously go to the beach with your BFF after class, life may feel mundane. That's totally OK and normal. Continue to find beauty in everything, everywhere.

The best way to do this is to romanticize your life. Look at your usual surroundings with a new, rose-colored lens, and admire the way people socialize in a restaurant or the sunlight comes through your apartment windows and onto the leaves of your plants. Maybe even think of five things you’re grateful for and five things that are good about the world every night before you go to bed.


"You Are My Favorite Person."

It’s always emotional and rewarding to hear, "You are my favorite person." But when you’re turning 25, this sweet phrase can be even more powerful. At a time when you may not have as many close friends as you used to or are feeling a little lost, it’ll remind you that that person in your life is proud of you, and appreciates everything that you are and who you’re becoming.

You’ll probably hear it from one of your besties, a family member, or your crush. They'll likely follow it up with memories you've shared, TikTok videos you've laughed about for hours on end, or a heartfelt hug.


"Believe In Yourself."

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Don’t roll your eyes, OK? While this quote may come across as cheesy at first, it’s necessary to hear when you’re hitting a major milestone in life. It acts as a scrapbook of your memories and accomplishments, and is proof that you’re more than capable of doing whatever you set your heart and mind to. (Someone else believes it, so why wouldn’t you?)

You might have the biggest case of imposter syndrome, and be asking yourself, “Do I deserve this?” But you need to put on an outfit that makes you feel good as hell, and move forward with self-love and self-confidence. You’re more than deserving — it’s as simple as that.


“Be Intentional.”

The world is a fast-paced place. Between your social media apps and group chats, it can be easy to get wrapped up in quick conversations, actions, and experiences. You don’t have to delete your apps or throw away your phone like Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl. But do take time to be intentional with your life.

Take time to write thoughtful and loving messages inside birthday texts to your friends, and go through the menu at a new restaurant. Think about how your actions might affect the planet or other people, and what your future self would want. You’re well into adulthood now, and you have that responsibility to yourself and the world around you.


“The Grass Is Always Greener.”

Comparing yourself to others is rarely a good idea. Most of the time, it’ll leave you feeling like you and your life are not enough. So, on your 25th birthday, it’s important to hear, “The grass is always greener.” This phrase has been getting passed down from one generation to the next for a reason: It’s true.

There will always be somebody with a nicer car, a better job, or more followers on TikTok than you. But that doesn’t discredit every aspect of your life. You are enough, and the people who love you will likely be quick to tell you that, too.


“Do You, For You.”

At 25, you may already be realizing that you are the only person you need to make happy. Each individual is in charge of their own happiness. While we can work to make each other’s lives easier by getting coffee for our BFF or helping them move, we’re not in control of anyone else’s emotions or perception of life.

That means, with every step you take, reflect on why you’re taking the step. Ask yourself, “Is it something I want for myself, or something somebody else wants for me?” At the end of the day, you have to do you, for you, no matter how big or small the action may be.


"What Are You Waiting For?"

Last but not least, everybody needs to hear one question on their 25th birthday: "What are you waiting for?" It'll ignite a lot of motivation, ambition, and inspiration inside of you, and even make you stop putting off your dreams. Whether your ultimate goal during this lap around the sun is to turn your passion into a paycheck, say “I love you” for the very first time, design a Pinterest-worthy bedroom, or post the selfie you love on your Instagram feed, it’ll make you think, “Yeah, what am I waiting for?”

Truth be told, many people don’t accomplish their goals because they simply don’t start them. Turning 25 is a great reason to get going, and take a leap of faith that might just change your life.

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