Olivia Holt in '90s bathing suit on Freeform's Cruel Summer

88 Cruel Summer-Inspired Group Chat Names Filled With '90s Nostalgia

Everybody has secrets.

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If Freeform's new series Cruel Summer leaves you totally confused week after week, you're not alone. The mystery has all the thrilling intrigue you used to love about Pretty Little Liars, another Freeform fave, but with some '90s nostalgia mixed in. You and your friends probably have a few theories going on in your group chat regarding who's telling the truth between Kate and Jeanette. Since the show has taken over your latest discussions, you might as well give it one of these Cruel Summer-inspired group chat names.

Cruel Summer is one of those shows you and your besties have to watch all together. You may even plan live watch parties, so you can text in real time as the twist and turns in each episode are revealed. Unlike other places where you have to avoid sharing too many #spoilers, you know you can spill all the tea with your besties in your friend group chat. Not only are you constantly discussing the latest reveals, you’re also gushing over which '90s-inspired outfits you wish you could add to your closet right now.

You might even be using your group chat to plan a throwback '90s party this summer with tons of chokers and a nostalgia-filled playlist, or coming up with your own bucket list like besties Jeanette, Mallory, and Vince. For a chat that's all about Cruel Summer, you definitely want to give it one of these 88 Cruel Summer-inspired group chat names.

  1. Team Jeanette
  2. Team Kate
  3. It's A Cruel, Cruel Summer
  4. Warning: Cruel Summer Spoilers Inside
  5. Our Summer Bucket List
  6. '90s Babes
  7. Villain Or Victim?
  8. Let's Go Back To 1993
  9. Whodunnit
  10. Where Is Kate?
  11. Everybody Has Secrets
  12. We Believe The Mirror Theory
  13. Jeanette Is Trash
  14. On Tuesdays, We Watch Cruel Summer
  15. Jeanette, Mallory, & Vince Forever
  16. Let's Go To The Mall
  17. Roller Rink Crew
  18. Hide-And-Seek
  19. Cruel Summer Secrets
  20. Probably Watching Cruel Summer
  21. Is It Tuesday Yet?
  22. Wearing Chokers
  23. Martin's A Creep
  24. You Go, Girl
  25. 1994 Jeanette
  26. Who Do You Believe?
  27. Two Sides To Every Story
  28. '90s Throwback
  29. Jeanette's Necklace
  30. Ben & Vince Forever
  31. Who Is Annabelle?
  32. Actually Trash
  33. Did You See Her?
  34. It's Like You're My Mirror
  35. I Would Never Lie To You
  36. Cruel Summer Mixtape
  37. Kate's Been Found
  38. 1995 Is A Mess
  39. Smells Like Team Spirit
  40. You Oughta Know
  41. Get Our Story Straight
  42. Pretty And Popular
  43. Copycats
  44. Never Gonna Be Normal
  45. A Friendship Stronger Than Mallory And Jeanette's
  46. What's The Truth?
  47. Cruel Summer Crew
  48. Jeanette Did It
  49. We Heart Jamie
  50. Kate's Lying
  51. Truth Is How You See It
  52. Only Facts In Here
  53. We Know Something
  54. Everything I Ever Wanted
  55. The New Kate Wallis
  56. Watch Out For Jeanette
  57. 1993 Was A Better Time
  58. Talk Of The Town
  59. Don't Believe Everything
  60. We Know The Truth
  61. Cruel Summer Theories
  62. Spoilers Ahead
  63. Slap Bracelet Squad
  64. Fanny Packs Forever
  65. Cruel Summer With You
  66. Cruel Summer Chat
  67. A Smashing Good Time
  68. Scrunchie Squad
  69. Welcome To The Chatroom
  70. Throwing It Back To The '90s
  71. Please Don't Disappear
  72. Your Secrets Are Safe Here
  73. As If
  74. Our Summer To-Do List
  75. The '90s Mixtape
  76. Listening To The Cranberries
  77. Kate > Jeanette
  78. Jeanette > Kate
  79. Don't Know What To Believe
  80. Just Some Mallrats
  81. Rollin' With My Homies
  82. Roller Rink Kids
  83. Current On Cruel Summer
  84. Let's Talk Cruel Summer
  85. The Cruel Chatters
  86. Cruel Crew
  87. Piecing It Together
  88. Summer Sleuths

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