CHIARA AURELIA as Jeanette in Freeform's 'Cruel Summer'

There May Be A Big Clue About Kate In This 'Cruel Summer' Episode 5 Promo

Freeform/Bill Matlock

Freeform's new YA series Cruel Summer has kept viewers guessing since its very first episode on April 20. While it's unclear what, exactly, is going to happen, the show gave a sneak peek at what's to come, and it may or may not confirm one of the biggest fan theories out there. Either way, the Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 5 promo is full of clues that has fans clutching their fanny packs.

Warning: Light spoilers for Cruel Summer Episode 4 follow. By now, you probably have the main details down: The series follows two Texas teens, popular girl Kate (Olivia Holt) and outsider Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia), during the early '90s. After Kate got abducted by the vice principal of their school, Martin Harris (Blake Lee), Jeanette somehow filled the it-girl void left behind by Kate and earned the love of Kate's boyfriend, Jamie (Froy Gutierrez), and her besties.

Once Kate was rescued, however, she told the world Jeanette had known where she was being held hostage and did nothing to help her. While this accusation has led to a massive legal battle and caused Jeanette to become "the most hated person in America," the big question of the series is: Did Jeanette see Kate?


Nothing is confirmed yet, but a popular fan theory is starting to look even more convincing. In case you need a recap, the theory is basically that Kate was unknowingly being held hostage behind a two-way mirror. When Jeanette broke into Mr. Harris' house, which she told her friend, Vince (Allius Barnes), she did often, Kate saw Jeanette through the mirror but Jeanette only saw her own reflection. To Kate, it would have looked like Jeanette was staring right at her, but Jeanette would have only seen herself.

Now, the Season 1, Episode 5 promo seems to hint viewers are on the right track:

The video shows Kate and Jeanette at the same carnival over the course of a few years. Both girls seem in be in a house of mirrors and are questioning their own stances regarding what went down. While the fact that they're literally chasing each other through a room full of mirrors is kind of telling, the underlying message is that they're both starting to doubt what actually happened. Jamie told Kate her memory has been "shaky" since the trauma, and Jeanette's brother, Derek (Barrett Carnahan), basically tells her her she's going to lose the case.

Does all of the confusion simply come down to some well-placed reflective surfaces? The jury's still out, but considering how much mirrors played a role in the newest promo, there's a solid chance this is a case of the truth looking distorted from different angles.

Watch as Cruel Summer continues on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Freeform (and the following day on Hulu) to see if the theory holds up or if it's all just ~smoke and mirrors.~