I tried Chris Appleton's Erewhon smoothie, the Apple-disiac, which Kim Kardashian also tried.

I Tried Chris Appleton’s Erewhon Smoothie & It’s Giving Lavender Haze

Kim K says this $19 drink is “delicious.”

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Rachel Chapman/Elite Daily

Step aside Strawberry Glaze, there’s a new Erewhon smoothie on the menu that’s got even Kim K talking. Hair artist Chris Appleton, who has worked with celebs like Kardashian and Dua Lipa, now has his own Erewhon smoothie, and it’s a ‘Gram-worthy sip that’s channeling some serious lavender haze. The Chris Appleton Apple-disiac smoothie from Erewhon is also full of ingredients that are great for your hair, and I had to review it to see if it’s actually worth $19.

IMHO no smoothie is worth $19 unless there is a $20 bill taped to the bottom of the cup. However, I will admit there are a lot of ingredients in the Apple-disiac smoothie, which may justify the price for some people. You’re basically paying $1 for every ingredient added to your drink, which includes:

  • MALK almond milk
  • Zuma Valley coconut whip
  • Mary Ruth’s liquid multivitamin
  • AURA collagen
  • Nature Nate’s honey
  • Barlean’s flax oil
  • Lakewood Organics apple juice
  • Sun Potion tocos
  • Sun Potion pearl
  • coconut meat
  • banana
  • beet juice
  • pineapple
  • vanilla stevia
  • sea moss
  • Blue Majik
  • Cistanche
  • coconut flakes
  • pitaya powder

Sure, you could probably save some money making a homemade version of Appleton’s Apple-disiac, but you’d still be spending a lot of money grocery shopping for all 19 of these items. You’d also have to really love this smoothie and want to drink it often to make it worth it, so is it good? There’s no denying the Apple-disiac Erewhon smoothie is as Insta-worthy as Hailey Bieber’s Erewhon smoothie, but it’s also just as tasty.

Chris Appleton’s Apple-disiac Erewhon Smoothie Review

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

With a last name like Appleton, you kind of have to go with a smoothie that has an apple base. The Lakewood Organics apple juice is at the center of the Apple-disiac, but it’s not overpowering. In fact, the smoothie has a very subtle apple taste to it. Unlike Bieber’s Strawberry Glaze smoothie, which hit you with immediate strawberry flavor, the Apple-disiac was light on fruit. Instead, the coconut flakes made this drink more about texture, as it was extra crunchy with each sip. If you’re someone who prefers their smoothies smooth, you might not enjoy this one as much. However, I loved it.

Sure, the grainy texture threw me off at first, but once I got over that, I found myself reaching for another sip again and again. While the flavors aren’t too strong, both Kardashian and I would agree this is a “sweet and delicious” drink. Kardashian quickly shared her Apple-disiac on Instagram, saying she was “so excited” to try it. Appleton’s supportive boyfriend, Lukas Gage from You and The White Lotus, also shared the Erewhon smoothie to his IG Story the day it came out.

Fans of the “lavender haze” Starbucks drink will definitely love this Erewhon smoothie for its gorgeous purple color. Appleton shared that the Blue Majik — or blue spirulina — is what gives the drink its “beautiful lavender color.” Out of all the Erewhon smoothies I’ve tried, this one definitely takes the award for prettiest. I would even put it above Bieber’s Erewhon smoothie as my favorite for taste as well. Unfortunately, it’s also a little more expensive, so I’ll have to give it the same 4 out of 5 ranking that I did for the Strawberry Glaze.


When it comes to my hair, I obviously haven’t noticed a huge difference from just one smoothie. However, Appleton explains the Apple-disiac is full of ingredients that support your hair health inside and out. The tocos, pearl, collagen, and sea moss are all great for your hair and nails. The celeb hair stylist also mentioned the flax seed oil in the smoothie will “give your mane a great shine.” Now, who doesn’t want that? Since it’s an Apple-disiac, Appleton also included some ingredients that are aphrodisiacs like Cistanche and pineapple because he believes you can’t have good hair without feeling “sexy.”

To see the best results from drinking the Appleton hair Erewhon smoothie, I’d probably have to drink it more than just once, but it’s just not worth $19 to me. For that price, I could just buy myself some vitamins or collagen powder to take every day for an added hair boost. Of course, if you’re having a truly terrible hair day, drinking a delicious Apple-disiac smoothie is a great way to turn things around and treat yourself.

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