BTS filming locations in Los Angeles and California include the Mojave Desert for their 2023 Grammy ...
6 BTS Music Video Filming Locations In California You Can Visit IRL

See where they filmed the Grammy-nominated song “Yet To Come.”

Despite announcing their hiatus last year, BTS is still up for three Grammy nominations at this year’s awards show, including for their “Yet To Come” music video. Rumors that BTS filmed “Yet To Come” while in Las Vegas for their Permission to Dance on Stage shows proved to be true when “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” premiered in June. However, this isn’t the group’s only music video shot in the U.S.. There are enough BTS music video filming locations in California alone that you could gather your ARMY friends and plan a trip around them.

It’s too soon to know if any members of BTS will actually be present at the 2023 Grammy Awards on Feb. 5. However, they’re not only up for best music video for their song “Yet to Come,” but also best pop duo/group performance and album of the year, as well for their collab with Coldplay on “My Universe.” With three noms, some fans are hoping at least someone from BTS shows up to represent and walk the red carpet. You know they’d make the best dressed list.

The ceremony will take place in Los Angeles this year, which is close to quite a few iconic BTS music video filming locations. If you happen to be in town or planning to visit SoCal this year, you may want to schedule in a visit to a few of these locations to recreate your fave BTS videos.

“Yet To Come”

Even though BTS was staying in Las Vegas for their shows at the Allegiant Stadium in April 2022, they drove over two hours to the Mojave Desert to shoot their Grammy-nominated video. In a behind the scenes video posted to YouTube, you can watch RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook struggle to film the music video with all the strong winds and sand. However, they make it work.

In the music video, there are several easter eggs referencing different BTS eras and other music videos like a school bus from “No More Dream” and a statue from “Blood Sweat & Tears.” While won’t be able to find these props during your visit, you can still recreate some moments for a TikTok or just enjoy going on a hike or horseback riding through the Cali desert.


Northern Los Angeles is another BTS filming location for their music video “On,” but BTS isn’t the only popular boy band to shoot here.

That’s right, Koreaboo reports that both BTS’ “On” and One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” were filmed at the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park. The park is known for rock formations that look just like Pride Rock from The Lion King. In fact, BTS climbs to the top of one of the rocks at the end of the music video. If you’re able to hike up one, it’ll make for a great Insta pic.

“On” Kinetic Manifesto Film

Another California music video for “On” Kinetic Manifesto Film version is a popular filming location. You may recognize the Sepulveda Dam from movies like Iron Man 2 and TV shows like Alias, but BTS also once danced around in front of the dam as well.

Visiting the dam is something that’s probably on a lot of LA residents’ to-do list, so ARMY has an extra reason to check it out.

Proof Live

In celebration of their album’s release, BTS performed some of their new songs live for the very first time. This Proof Live event was shot at the Lake Dolores Waterpark in the Mojave Desert. The abandoned waterpark provided a really cool spot for BTS to perform “Yet To Come,” “Born Singer,” and “For Youth.”

While the park is currently not open to the public, Business Insider reports that it may reopen by summer 2023, meaning fans may get a chance to visit this BTS location very soon.

“Black Swan”

While in LA, you can stop by the Los Angeles Theater to visit where they filmed the “Black Swan” music video. ARMY will immediately recognize both the lobby and theater from the music video. Unfortunately, the theater is only open to the public during events, but for Valentine’s Day, Cinespia is hosting a ball featuring the movie Amelie at the Los Angeles Theatre. This may be the perfect time to visit and snap your BTS pics.

“Chicken Noodle Soup”

Even though it’s technically not a BTS music video, J-Hope’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” is another music video filmed in Los Angeles that ARMY may be interested in. The video was shot at 340 N Myers Street near the Arts District. If you know the choreo from the video, you and your friends can perform it for a TikTok at the same spot where J-Hope and Becky G also performed.