The newest BTS x Casetify collection features "Dynamite"-inspired phone accessories.

BTS' New Casetify Collection Includes "Dynamite"-Inspired Phone Accessories

There's even a shout-out to the music video's *iconic* doughnut shop.

Though BTS is about to drop the “Butter” music video, you’re definitely still fangirling over “Dynamite” and its retro vibes. The single sparked an entire era for ARMYs, complete with a doughnut shop, lots of happy dancing, and pastel-colored everything. Sure, you’re all about Jungkook’s fresh mullet these days, but you’ll always have a special place in your heart for flower motifs and bulky fonts. For that reason, you need the deets on the latest BTS x Casetify collection that’s like a “disco overload.”

The “Dynamite”-inspired collection is the third collaboration between BTS and Casetify, and set to launch on Monday, May 31, 2021. On that day, brand new phone case designs will be available for BTS fans to shop, in addition to tech accessories that’ll make your home office much more colorful. The new designs will include ~groovy~ stickers that will remind you of the music video, along with member silhouettes, so you can carry Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin, Jin, RM, and Jungkook with you at all times. One design even includes a cartoon-esque drawing of the *iconic* doughnut shop, with the big pink treat sitting on top. It’s a must-have for any fan who’s dreamed of walking into the shop and ordering a strawberry-frosted dessert.

The most epic design of them all may be the phone case that’s made to look like your BTS vinyl record. It’s the first of its kind from Casetify, and can be customized. When you order it, simply type in your name and the personalized text you want to appear on the “record.” Your final design will appear on the case’s “spinning” surface, which gives it the look of a vinyl that’s playing “Dynamite” on repeat.


These epic designs will all be paired with Casetify’s well-loved cases, including the Impact Case, which is meant to withstand drops of over six feet, and prevent any cracks or shatters. Some of the designs will be paired with an iridescent or rainbow-colored trim, while others will feature a glitter waterfall — which is just as magical as it sounds. Casetify’s neon sand cases will also be available to not only protect your phone, but also add some additional color to your life.

Don’t worry if you already have BTS-inspired phone case you already love and don’t want to part with, because there are plenty of other items to choose from in the launch. The brand new BTS x Casetify collection will also include tech accessories like Apple Watch bands, wireless chargers, AirPods cases, and more. You can purchase a product that’s both functional and inspired by the guys for yourself, or a bestie who’s celebrating a birthday, graduation, or wedding soon. While products may sell out fast, Casetify has set up a virtual waitlist so you can get ahead of ARMYs who want to shop too, which you can join by heading to now.

If you’re looking to be in the stars tonight, plan to have your credit card ready to shop the products (on sale for $35 to $69) that are total must-haves for BTS fans who just can’t get enough of the “Dynamite” era.