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I Tried Blake Lively's New Smoky Betty Booze Flavors For The Summer

Is it getting hot in here?

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Blake Lively has great taste in Met Gala fashion, best friends (heyyy, Taylor Swift), and, in more recent years, has shown the same for booze. Her company Betty Buzz got the seal of approval from Elite Daily editors after taste-testing every flavor ahead of the 2024 holidays.

Now, the beverage brand’s added two new smoky cocktails to its lineup: Sparkling Bourbon with Oak Smoked Lemonade and Sparkling Tequila with Smoky Pineapple. And I tried them both ahead of the sunny SZN to find out whether they’re just as buzz-worthy as their predecessors.

The Sparkling Bourbon With Lemonade Was Extra Tart

Since Betty Booze’s first and, so far, only other bourbon flavor — the Sparkling Bourbon with Apple Ginger Sour Cherry — was my favorite of the original canned cocktails, I had high hopes for the Sparkling Bourbon with Oak Smoked Lemonade.

Sparkling *Tequila* with Oak Smoked Lemonade was also an OG concoction, so it felt consistent with the brand’s current flavor profile to take the smoky lemonade from the canned tequila drink and add it to bourbon for the all-new blend.

Pros: I was a fan of the whiskey flavor, and I really appreciated how natural everything tasted with actual Meyer lemon and orange juice in the ingredients. The smoke was also subtle and not too overpowering.

Cons: the lemonade was a bit too tart for my taste. Instead of having the smoked lemonade be an addition to the bourbon, it had main character energy.

Overall thoughts: This is a lemony bourbon with a hint of smoke, like a sophisticated backyard barbecue.

Rating: 2.5 out 5. It’s not going to be a go-to for me, but citrus lovers may find it appealing.

The Tequila & Smoky Pineapple Was Complex

I was equally optimistic about the Sparkling Tequila with Smoky Pineapple. Though it may sound like there’s a lot going on with the tequila, mescal, and pineapple, everything worked well together.

Pros: You get the sweetness from the pineapple and a slight smokiness from the mescal with a hint of citrus from the tequila. It all blended together for a zesty sip

Cons: I wish the pineapple was stronger.

Overall thoughts: If I’m going to be drinking this next to the pool during the summer, I want to feel like I’m drinking a pineapple-forward margarita rather than just a flavored tequila soda.

Rating: 4 out of 5. Next time, I plan to add a bit of pineapple juice to bring out the flavor even more.


The Sparkling Bourbon with Apple Ginger Sour Cherry is still my favorite and go-to — even if it is more of a fall-flavored sip than a summer one — but all five flavors of Betty Booze are available in stores.

Betty Booze

With summer right around the corner, Betty Booze is now even easier to get your hands on. On May 22, Lively announced her flavors are available nationwide by posting a Ratatouille-inspired video with Chef Daniel Boulud.

You can find Betty Booze in stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Total Wine & More.