These Black-owned Etsy shops include candles, art, and other home decor.
These Black-Owned Etsy Shops Will Take Your Home Decor To The Next Level

Grapefruit candles and geode planters starting under $10.

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On a mission to spruce up your space? Source decor that’ll make your space feel like a sanctuary, while also supporting underrepresented small business owners. Baskets, adorable coasters, and eclectic prints from thrift stores are always fun additions, as well as pottery or trinkets you may find at an outdoor market. Shopping the handcrafted goods from one of these Black-owned Etsy home decor shops, however, will elevate the look of your home and give it the magazine-like vibe you’ve been looking for.

Not only will you find one-of-a-kind pillows and geometric furniture to fill your rooms, but you’ll also show your continuous support for these small Black business owners every time you hit "add to cart". The talent, vision, and stories of these creators, in particular, are often overlooked since they're part of marginalized communities. So, in the midst of redecorating, look into these independent creators and see how their pieces can bring new life to every corner of your home.

Lovingly made items from these Etsy shops are sure to make all time spent in your space beautiful. For example, mindthecork sells cork planters that’ll dress up the succulents you have on your desk. NonilyStudio is a great place to shop art prints for your home office that are inspirational, well-designed, and timeless. Creator and seller Kwadwo of Craftedglorydesign builds custom end tables that you’ll probably want to style next to your bed as a home for your favorite books and candles.

These few items just scratch the surface of what these shops have to offer, which is why we’ve gathered up a myriad of shops for you to check out while on your home redecorating mission. Unique pillows, gorgeous wall hangings, and iridescent geode planters are all included below, along with deets on the Etsy sellers who you should have on your radar.

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LovelyEarthlings, run by illustrator and graphic designer Karina Daniel Parris, a native of the Republic of Panama, specializes in modern Afro wall art and prints. These gorgeous prints feature colorful scenes of everyday life, like of people reading a book or watering their plants, reminding you to enjoy the little joys.

Parris also sells canvas tote bags with eye-popping prints, so you may want to check those out as well. They’ll look super cute carrying your groceries or hanging up in your home.



Candice Luter of shopcandiceluter is incredibly talented in the art of macrame, which involves tying knots and string to form various, mesmerizing patterns. Luter’s creations are different from anything else you may already have on your walls because they feature 3D texture and movement.

If you're in the market for a mirror, consider picking up this unique piece. The delicate fringe hanging from the bottom of the half moon will complement any bohemian style.



BluMintStudios specializes in handmade home decor of all kinds, including geometric pillow covers, wall art, abstract candle holders, and this luxe marble wall clock. It’s cut from authentic Italian marble and features 24-karat gold clock hands. It also has a “low refraction index,” so that the marble absorbs some light instead of reflecting it (which means you can actually see what time it is).



Reviewers mention that the throw pillowcases from Afro Beauty Creations are both gorgeous and oh-so soft. Each pillowcase features a unique minimalist design depicting everyday life, from drinking coffee to lounging in a swimsuit. There are 15 modern Afro designs to choose from, and each pillowcase is handmade with love.



The products from ArtByMonday are a celebration of women. They're a reflection of creator Stacie Monday's travels and ongoing search to learn more about her ancestors and personal history. Monday incorporates her personal experiences and struggles into her work and her paintings aim to challenge stereotypes of Black women.



xNStudio specializes in handcrafted pillows made in Brooklyn, New York. Each creation from this shop is meant to be a blend of African-inspired textile designs and the modern essence of the borough. Adding one to your collection will spruce up your couch.

The maker behind this shop, Ugandan-American interior stylist Nasozi, spent her life advocating for international human rights, designing home decor, being a mother, and traveling the world. Every piece of her work combines these elements of her life to create something thoughtful and interesting.



The concrete goods at MadeByRheal are hand cast, sanded, and sealed with love by Rheal, a Black and queer artisan. Rheal creates planters for your succulents in small, medium, and large sizes, in addition to jewelry holders that resemble hands. They're made from materials such as terracotta and resin rose quartz, and are all made in Oakland, California.



EmmaMakeStudio’s products will ensure the walls in your home are never boring or mundane. This shop, owned by Mozambican and English designer Emma Hall, is feminine and bold with its floral, alphabet, and jungle designs.

Each print is considered to be contemporary eclectic, according to the seller, and some of the prints are digital downloads, so you can print them right at home. Be sure to follow the shop on Instagram to get a first glimpse of new product releases and sale codes.



The mud cloth pillow covers at MANAKAdesigns are developed through a multi-step process that includes painting the cloth and professionally handling the true bogolan fabric, which is a handmade Malian cotton blend that can be dyed or painted with mud. When you purchase one of these pillow covers, you can also read up on the story behind how your beautiful new piece was created. MANAKAdesigns is also a great place to shop luxe bags.



DorcasCreates is a London-based Etsy shop with a focus on art prints, dangling earrings, and enamel pins. Dorcas, the creative genius behind this shop is a finance graduate with a passion for illustration and fashion. You can see how these two passions combine in her art, which often features a big pair of glasses or a purple turtleneck and jacket combo.



Are you attracted to homes with a more modern design? Studionom, a shop that's based in the Netherlands, is the place you should check out now and in the future. Every wall hanging uses beach wood and cotton to create mesmerizing conversation pieces you won’t see anywhere else. The wall hangings come in various color combinations including black and white, red and white, and white and white.

You can follow along with this shop on Instagram via @studio.nom. Here, you can get inspiration for displaying the piece you buy and keep up with the seller as she designs, packs, and ships her artwork.



Let Craftedglorydesign be your one-stop shop for Scandinavian end tables and welcoming benches. The wooden pieces created by designer Kwadwo are stunning additions to any home and would make beautiful nightstands for you and your partner. Custom sizes are available as well for just the perfect fit in your space.



Cork finds a new purpose at mindthecork. This Etsy shop is run by creator Jenny, who transforms cork into adorable planters, funky and fascinating sculptures, and useful cardholders. If you've been thinking, "I could really use a new pot for the plant in my home office," or want to add earthy details to your city abode, this is the best place to look.

Jenny is based in London, and notes on the shop's page that each piece is naturally made, so your good is helping both an independent seller and the planet.



Shop HouseOfZabadi by Chanai Zabadi for West African stationary, fabric, or fine art prints featuring women in colorful tiered skirts. This art print, in particular, is noted to be a "reproduction of an original piece painted by Nigerian artist Chidinma Mordi."



Ntebo Archer of ArcherHomeDesigns creates rustic coffee and dining tables that look like they're straight out of Architectural Digest. With a wheeled bottom and distressed paint, you'll instantly want to buy one and snap a pic of your coffee on it for Instagram. Each piece is meant to combine style with the functionality of your home, and is beautifully crafted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.



Nonily Studio simplifies decorating your home with meaningful art. Each piece is available for digital download and features beautiful designs of women, leaves, rainbows, and plants. Once you complete your purchase, you can print each product out on your own.



Getting a plant pot or candle holder from talandbert is a no-brainer. They show off an iridescent geode made from raw natural stones that have been mined by the makers themselves. The body of the pot is made of concrete that’s lined with liquid gold.

Ray and Val Talbert, a husband and wife team, are behind this creative operation and say their work is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which means "finding the beauty in imperfections." They have a studio space in Mount Lebanon where they sculpt their goods and design alongside their team.



According to thousands of reviewers, this candle smells like heaven in a jar, no matter which scent you go with. It’s hand-poured with a soy wax base, and you can choose from dozens of unique scents like “black currant absynthe” or “reading by the fire” to find the vibe you want wafting around your space.

On top of that, buying this candle for your home actually supports social justice initiatives as 10% of every candle purchase is donated to the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).



Liyah’s Print Shop specializes in stationary and cards, but they also carry plenty of colorful abstract wall prints that are sure to catch anyone’s eye. This print features multiple layered shapes in bright colors that you can get printed in a variety of sizes. A small print would look great as a fun pop of detail on a bookshelf, while the larger version can bring together an entire theme in your home.



These hand-painted coasters from CariyanandCo are so gorgeous, you won’t want to set your drink on them. They come in a set of four and each one features a delicate poppy flower painted in black and white. They’ve also been sealed to prevent fading and chipping over time.

On top of these gorgeous coasters, crafter and shop-owner Jana also creates stunning glassware art, like this super cute mushroom iced coffee mug.

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