15 Black-Owned Vintage Depop Shops For Endless Retro Inspo

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Courtesy of Depop
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Given the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, and everyone should still be complying with social distancing orders, you’re probably missing all your favorite places hard right about now. Sure, you can get take out from tour fave restaurants. But when it comes to activities like ploughing through racks at thrift stores for vintage clothes, well, there aren’t very many alternatives to that experience. Though you can’t go sift through mounds of clothing IRL, you can check out these Black-owned Depop shops for some sick vintage finds to fill your void. After all, scrolling through pages of secondhand clothes can give you your thrifting fix without the mothball smell overwhelming your senses.

It’s a pretty established fact that Depop is home to some of the coolest people on earth. Tons of sellers themselves are essentially professional thrifters, all with an eye for the must-have vintage items. Usually, the owners shop specifically for their shop's aesthetic, meaning you can find a ton of cool people to follow and inspire you. Not to mention, thrifting is a much more sustainable option for shopping, offering you tons of opportunity to create unique looks at a more accessible price point. Growing your closet while helping out the planet? It’s a win-win.

Vintage finds are a great way to express what makes you different; you pretty much never have to worry about someone wearing the same top as you when it’s secondhand. So get your lounge pants on and charge your phone, because here are the coolest Black-owned Depop shops you'll be scrolling through all day.

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Peachtreef has a bunch of great thrift finds and often offers deals in their shop. Born and raised in L.A., founder Faith has an egirl aesthetic, evident in the items she picks for her store. She's not limited to one type or style of clothing, though, so no matter your aesthetic, you can find something you'll love.


Even if you're not looking to buy just yet, you'll want to follow FadedNotebook for their super cool edits anyway. The shop strikes a balance between edgier pieces and soft, flouncier ones, meaning if you're looking for a floral romper or for a faux leather skirt, FadedNotebook has it all.


Deina716's shop houses a ton of easy staples that will work seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. If you're looking for clothes you not only can wear all the time, but want to wear every day, Deina716 is where it's at.

Clothed In Honor

Scrolling through Clothed in Honor is a satisfying experience in and of itself — the grid is completely color coordinated. Beyond how aesthetically pleasing it is, this store has some super cool finds, like an Eddie Bauer jacket, Ralph Lauren jeans, and more.


If you love patterns, BlakeMeansBlack has a penchant for finding colorful, funky ones you won't be able to get out of your head. This store's focus is on clothes that will show off your originality, so head to BlakeMeansBlack for all your statement pieces.


Mofokela has tie-dye and acid-wash t-shirts on lock. Apart from these perfectly on-trend items, the seller also features a bunch of accessories (combat boots, anyone?) and patterned shorts you'll definitely want.


If you love the babydoll aesthetic, LooksByLexi has adorable crop tops and slinky slip dresses. As a five star seller, you'll most likely have a great experience shopping with LooksByLexi, with retro looks to last you for days.

StarGray's Shop

Regardless of what your specific style is, think of StarGray's Shop like a Depop catchall. You'll scroll for hours through the shop's thrifty finds, like countless cozy sweatshirts, bucket hats, tanks, and more.


TheePhatGirlCloset has a ton of super fun clothes, great for a night out, a trip to brunch, or a photo shoot where you're just feeling yourself. The owner also details what events each piece is best for. My personal favorite is, "Great for clubbing, wore to an Ariana concert." Iconic.

Atiyah Dayes

Atiyah Dayes sells unique thrift finds, so you can save yourself hours of sifting through racks of clothes. Dayes even goes so far as to rework some of the found pieces, like with this Dark Wash American Apparel Skirt ($16, Depop).

The Retro Babe

The Retro Babe has a talent for finding very fun patterns and prints that perfectly encapsulate the vibes of the '70s, '80s, and '90s. If you like to play with color and not-so-subtle pieces, look no further.

Zena On Pluto

If you like a '90s goth aesthetic or out-of-this-world stylings, Zena on Pluto is your Depop seller. Following this account guarantees you access to some eccentric, bold pieces you can't help but love.


At Aworan's shop, you can get custom-designed jeans and vintage finds galore. The painted and patched jeans are an especially cool part of this store, and most of them are all available in a different sizes, so you can get the best fit for you.

Sumaya Bouhbal

If you like to shop for a couple different products at once, Sumaya Bouhbal offers bundles on several items, which will save you some cash. The shop offers a wealth of certified statement pieces, wardrobe staples, records, and accessories you won't find anywhere else.

Impress Clothing

Grow your graphic t-shirt collection with one of the pieces from Impress Clothing. The brand's shirts are all super vibrant with a lot of small and large details, meaning you're in for so much fun when it comes to mixing and matching your new items with your tried-and-trues.

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