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38 Captions For Bee Costumes That Will Have You Buzzing

Honey, I'm comb.

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The buzz around the block is that you're going to dress up like a bee for Halloween. You probably already have a pair of wings tucked into your closet, a black and yellow tutu laying on your bed, or a headband with two sparkly antennas. You may have props laying around your house, too, like flowers and honey, perfect for when you take a pic. Then comes the fun part, brainstorming captions for bee costumes for all of the boo-tiful selfies you took.

Below are a flower bunch of bumblebee-inspired captions for you to choose from that are clever and cute. Some have puns in them, while others will send a little message to the person you're crushing on. Each is sure to enhance your feed on a spooky night filled with Halloween parties, Hocus Pocus viewings, and candy wrappers.

Come the end of October, you may be attending or throwing a few of those Halloween parties with your friends and have a lot to get done for the spooky holiday, be it buying cookie decorating supplies at the store or picking up the final items for your costume. So don't be bumble about the prep work you put into your entire night and outfit. Instead, pick out one of these bee costume captions and buzz about how you're spending your Halloween on Instagram.

  1. "Save the bees, please!"
  2. "Buzzing from one party to the next."
  3. "I'll be your honey."
  4. “‘PURE/HONEY’ by Beyoncé on repeat.”
  5. "We bee-long together."
  6. "Thank you for always bee-ing mine."
  7. "Bee positive, they said."
  8. "You can find me on Bumble."
  9. "Any excuse to wear a tutu, right?"
  10. "Honey, I'm comb."
  11. "Halloween is only one night of the whole year? Comb on!"
  12. "Keep calm and honeycomb on."
  13. "Do you bee-lieve in the magic of Halloween?"
  14. "Stopping to smell the roses because I'm a bee."
  15. "What do you say to a bee in the Wild West? Bee-haw!"
  16. "Show me the honey."
  17. "Mind your own bees-iness."
  18. "Now entering the bee hive."
  19. "As cute as can bee."
  20. "I'm allergic to pollen so we'll see how this goes."
  21. "Petal to the metal."
  22. "On Halloween night, legend says the zom-bees come out to play."
  23. "This costume really is the bee's knees."
  24. "According to my costume, it do bee like that sometimes."
  25. "There's no place on Earth I'd rather bee."
  26. "As sweet as honey."
  27. "What, like dressing up like a bee is hard?"
  28. "I've totally pollen for you."
  29. "Bee the change you want to see in the world."
  30. "You better bee-live it's Halloween!"
  31. “Swipe right on Bumble.”
  32. “I’m buzzing tonight!”
  33. “Be careful, I sting.”
  34. “To bee or not to bee.”
  35. “I watched Bee Movie so many times in preparation for this.”
  36. “Honey oat milk latte, extra honey please.”
  37. “You’re a worker bee, I’m the queen.”
  38. "Sorry, I can't be bumble about how good my costume looks."

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