A woman looks at her phone to find DIY Halloween decorations from TikTok.
Get Your Home In The Spirit With These DIY Halloween Decorations From TikTok

Plus, you can grab most of these supplies from the dollar store.

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Half the fun of Halloween is surrounding yourself with skeletons, pumpkins, and spiderwebs. To get your home into the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, try your hand at DIY Halloween decorations from TikTok. While it’s always fun to roam the aisles of your fave store for Halloween décor, you may not have the budget for everything you see. Luckily, getting crafty with some DIY projects not only will save you some money, but give you something fun to do while re-watching your fave horror films.

In fact, you could plan a DIY night with your best witches to create skeleton lights and black cauldrons that you all can use to make your homes more Insta-worthy. After all, doesn’t sitting back and watching Hocus Pocus while sipping some pumpkin spice lattes and hot gluing flowers onto skulls sound like the best way to kick off the fall season? If you said yes, stop scrolling through the #HalloweenDIY tag on TikTok and instead take note of these 12 Halloween DIY decorations.

While TikTok has seemingly endless inspo, these DIY Halloween projects are the ones you should try first. Whether you have an entire haunted house to create or you’re just working with a studio apartment, you’re sure to find some Halloween décor from this list you’ll want to add to your home.

Witch’s Black Cauldron

Every witch needs a black cauldron, and TikToker @aurelie.erikson has this super easy DIY to create a bubbling cauldron to place on your shelves. Just hot glue clear Christmas ornaments inside a black cauldron to look like bubbles.

Ghost Candle Stick Holder

A Cricut will come in handy when you’ve got Halloween DIY projects to do, like this ghost candle stick holder. It’ll make cutting out shapes like the eyes and mouth of your ghost so much easier, but you can also do it by hand as well. Following TikToker @alifeincrafting’s tutorial, just hot glue a glass bowl with white glitter inside on top of a dollar store candle stick holder to the create this spooky cute table décor.

Halloween Friends Boards

This is a super easy DIY from TikToker @simplee_designs that you can do while watching some Halloween movies at home. Just take four wooden boards and paint a ghost, mummy, pumpkin, and Frankenstein’s monster on top. The final Halloween décor can then be placed anywhere in your home like the back of your coffee cart or on your front porch for trick-or-treaters to see.

Skeleton Handle Sconces

Skeleton hand candle holders are cool on their own, but TikToker @the_avantgarde has a super creative way to upgrade them for DIY Halloween decorations. Just hot glue the holder onto a black serving tray and hang up on the wall. By hot gluing an LED light candle in the hand, it becomes a sconce, but by itself, it’s a coat hanger. As a bonus, everything used in this video was found in the $5 section at Target.

Flying Ghosts

For a super easy and hilarious Halloween decoration idea from TikToker @elissaisntheretrylater, make these flying ghosts. You will need a ceiling fan in your home to make it work. Then, take a balloon and put it in a mini white garbage bag. Add a ghost face with electrical tape and tie it to one of the blades on your ceiling fan so it flies around when it’s turned on.

Wax Drip Candles

For the dark cottagecore or goth aesthetic, you’ll want to make a few of these wax drip candles to place around your home. Just use your hot glue gun to create the wax drip, according to TikToker @lonefoxhome. Spray paint it black and place LED tea lights inside to create the final candle look.

Snake Wreath

A Halloween wreath is the perfect way to welcome any happy haunts to your home. While you can always DIY a wreath with faux fall leaves or cobwebs, this idea from TikToker @kristyncole is golden. Just hot glue fake snakes onto a wreath form and paint them gold. That’s it!

Floating Jack O’ Lanterns

Potterheads will want to try this DIY Halloween decoration idea from TikToker @artwithdevon. Inspired by the floating jack o’ lanterns in the Great Hall of Harry Potter, @artwithdevon created these light up jack o’ lanterns that can hang from your ceiling. Hang them up in your dining room to create the perfect aesthetic for your very own Halloween feast.

Spiderweb Welcome Mat

TikToker @111threads says this is the “easiest Halloween DIY décor ever.” All you need to do is sketch on a black welcome mat and cut it to look like a spiderweb. It’s that simple.

Ghost Pumpkin Arch

Arches are a great way to decorate your front porch for trick-or-treaters, and this ghost pumpkin arch is super easy to put together. Just spray paint some cheap jack o’ lanterns from the dollar store and tie them to some PVC pipes in the shape of your arch. You could even take this DIY Halloween decoration idea from TikToker @greybirchdesigns to the next level by weaving some purple or orange string lights in and out of the pumpkins.

Flower Skeleton Décor

Instead of just having a skeleton lying around your home, add some fall flowers inside to create this DIY skeleton from TikToker @sheargeniuscreations. If you spray paint your skeleton black as well and add pastel colored blooms inside, it’ll be the perfect pastel goth Halloween decoration.

Skeleton Candle Holder

Add a gothic centerpiece to your Halloween table by making this skeleton candle holder from TikToker @mischievoushalloween. All these supplies — a paper towel holder, skulls, faux flowers, foam shapes, and LED tea lights — are easy to find at your dollar store, and all you need is some hot glue and maybe black spray paint to put it all together.