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Bath & Body Works' Bridgerton Line Is Going Viral On TikTok

One particular product references *that* Polin scene.

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Bath & Body Works really went there with one of its newest releases. Prior to the premiere of Bridgerton Season 3, the retail store dropped its first collab with Netflix on March 25.

The Bridgerton collection includes everything from wisteria-scented candles to Regency era-inspired plug-ins, but a carriage hand sanitizer holder is now going viral on TikTok for its connection to a very steamy scene in Episode 4.

Netflix may have only delivered four episodes so far, but Part 1 of Bridgerton Season 3 has had plenty of moments worthy of being the talk of the Ton — or, in this case, TikTok — and the carriage scene between Penelope and Colin is the most popular. Not only is this the moment when Colin finally confesses his feelings to Penelope, but Polin quickly gets hot and heavy in the backseat to an orchestral version of Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything.”

Before watching Season 3, fans of the show who haven’t read any of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton novels may have thought the inclusion of a carriage holder in Bath & Body Works collection was just a cute nod to the 1800s era. Looking back now, though, this accessory has NSFW ties — and it’s not the only piece in the collection to do so.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

In Polin’s book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Colin mentions wanting to have sex with Penelope in front of a mirror. Both Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton have hinted that this steamy moment between Polin will happen in Part 2. TikToker @marythetraveler pointed out the Bridgerton collection also includes a mirror tray, before saying, “Somebody at Bath & Body Works is a Polin fan.”

Unfortunately, the Tilting Mirror Tray ($35) is sold out online. It may still be available in some stores, but Bath & Body Works tells Elite Daily, “This is a limited-edition collection so we will not be restocking.” No need to worry if you missed out on this Easter egg item, though, there are plenty of other must-haves for Polin fans — including the carriage.

TikTokers Think Colin Needs The Carriage Hand Sanitizer Holder

Polin’s intimate rendezvous in the carriage has been a viral topic of discussion. The hookup, which is the hottest sex scene in Season 3 thus far, features Colin performing manual stimulation on Penelope.

This happens right before he proposes and tells Penelope they must go inside the Bridgerton house to tell his entire family. Fans have joked that Colin should freshen up first. Even Coughlan commented “oh my god” on a viral video from TikToker Ariel Gitlin (@arielgitlin) of what it would be like for Colin to go straight into meeting with the rest of the Bridgertons before washing his hands.

This is where the Fancy Carriage PocketBac Holder from Bath & Body Works collection would come in handy.

Add A Wisteria Hand Sanitizer To Your Carriage

The collection includes five themed scents — Bridgerton Study, Danbury Shortbread, Diamond Of The Season, Wisteria Garden, and Queen Charlotte's Tea. The Wisteria scent is floral with hints of sweet rosewood and lemon petals. It’s supposed to smell like the wisteria that grows outside the Bridgerton home.

While you can choose whatever scene you desire, this is the most fitting for the carriage holder, considering the scene takes places as Polin is heading toward the Bridgerton house.

The Bridgerton Study References Another Iconic Polin Moment

A major turning point for Colin and his feelings for Penelope happens in the Bridgerton study after he cuts his hand on some glass, and she tries to bandage it up. As a nod to this moment, Bath & Body Works has a few Bridgerton Study-scented items in the line.

There’s a candle, soap, and Wallflowers fragrance. Even the floral vest that’s part of the Blazer hand sanitizer holder looks like the one Colin wears in the Episode 2 scene.

The Bust Wall Plug-In Looks Like Colin In Episode 4

Another possible nod to the carriage scene at the end of Part 1 is the Bust With Bee Wallflowers Fragrance Plug. The suit resembles what Colin is wearing at the ball and in the carriage ride with Penelope. If you’re a fan of this scene, you might want to pick up a plug-in as well as some refills to complete your Polin-inspired collection.