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You’ll Feel More Fearless Than Ever During The Leo New Moon

Let it remind you not to dim your light.

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What’s there not to love about summer? You’ve got long vacations, cold drinks on hot days, and of course, Leo season. Summer is a time when people aren’t afraid to be bold and step outside their comfort zone, and as the sun travels through its home sign of Leo, it affirms your every move. There’s a reason why Leo season occurs at the height of summer: The fiery, fixed sign nature of Leo will not stand for anything else but the hottest time of year to grace us with its presence. The sun is responsible for all things ego, radiance, and acknowledgement, and the new moon in Leo this month will be emphasizing that in the best of ways. The emotional meaning of the August 2021 new moon marks the perfect time to reconnect with your truth and follow your heart. (Since Leo governs over the heart, why not?) This season is here to remind you that self-awareness doesn’t make you cocky, it makes you human.

There are so many negative connotations that come along with prioritizing yourself and your desires, which is why Leo season is so necessary. It’s a time to flex a little bit — look at how far you’ve come since the year began. There’s a sense of pride in knowing how many seasons you’ve made it through, and you deserve to celebrate it.

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The New Moon In Leo Takes Place On Aug. 8 at 9:49 a.m. ET

As your confidence gets a well-deserved surge during the new moon in Leo, this is the perfect time to reveal something new and exciting to the world that’s in line with who you are. If you’ve been sitting on an idea or creative endeavor, don’t be shy — now is the perfect time to display it. New moons tend to mark a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, and what better way to utilize this solar energy than to push a passion project forward? Not only do you have the skills, but you’re consistent as ever right now when it comes to your goals and ambitions. Leo is the only fixed fire sign of the zodiac, so it not only has the energy to kick things off with excitement, it promotes stability once you get things off the ground. As the sun and moon join forces in this sign on Aug. 8, it’s time to push your passion projects to the forefront. The moon’s getting a nudge in the right direction by the sun, so emotionally you’re as confident as ever.

New moons also mark an excellent time to set some intentions, especially when one of the luminaries is in its home sign. The sun has access to all of the resources it needs in Leo, making it eager to do what it’s meant to do. For you, that translates to promoting confidence and reassurance in your life. Use this new moon in Leo to affirm what you want. Check in with your birth chart to determine what house is governed by Leo to create a more specific intention. All manifestations really need is a little faith, and faith comes from being confident in knowing that you deserve everything your heart desires.