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April’s Astrology Will Take These 3 Zodiac Signs For A Spin

Life is taking a dramatic turn this month.

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Prepare for something spectacular, because the astrology of April is lighting a fire in your heart. This year, the cosmos aren’t in the mood for your April fool’s shenanigans, because the month begins with a powerful new moon in Aries. This experience is definitely *not* a joke, since this courageous, motivated, and ambitious cardinal fire sign doesn’t mess around when it wants something. However, if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the worst month of April 2022 — Leo, Libra, and Aquarius — you may feel even further behind than when you started.

However, anxiety may be tugging on your heartstrings as the sun in Aries joins forces with Chiron — the wounded healer — on April 1. This may bring up some of your insecurities, but it will also encourage you heal them with compassion and care. After all, so many of your worries aren’t rooted in your current reality, but in the difficult experiences you’ve had in the past. Don’t let old lingering fears talk you out of giving it your best shot.

The energy will become even tighter and more frustrating by April 4. This is when Mars — planet of courage — joins forces with Saturn — planet of restriction — which could place hurdles all throughout your journey. You may feel like you’re pressing on the gas pedal and the breaks at the same time, as though all your fuel is being wasted on nothing. Don’t expect instant results, because patience is leading you toward something long-lasting.

As a solar eclipse in Taurus blasts through the cosmos on April 30, it has the power to evoke an unexpected change in your life. Although transformation is rarely ever easy, it always brings you one step closer to the destiny that has always been yours. Surrender to the universe, because it has something beautiful planned for you.

While the following zodiac signs may be facing challenges this month, they have so much to gain from the experience. Here’s why:

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Leo: You’re Embracing The Pain It Takes To Gain What You Desire

If it feels like the walls are closing in on you this month, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re coming to the edge of change and you’re feeling the pressure to make the right move. However, a lot of beautiful things can happen under pressure, and if a rock is willing to endure intense heat, it will eventually become a diamond. Know that whatever waits for you on the other side will be symbolic of all the sacrifices you made. Success takes time, and the more you’re willing to go through, the more you’re opening yourself up to achieve.

Libra: You’re Healing The Wounds That Still Haunt Your Relationships

This month, your relationships are expanding beyond what they were before. You’re strengthening the partnerships you’re involved in and you’re learning how to cooperate with others on a deeper level. However, remain mindful of how much energy you’re capable of giving, because as April gains momentum, you might feel like you have way too much on your plate. Assert your right to turn something down if it conflicts with something that’s nonnegotiable. Remember — you’re the one who gets to decide where your priorities stand.

Aquarius: You’re Embracing A Profound Change That Begins At Home

As this month gains momentum, you may feel like all your worst instincts are being activated. As a solar eclipse in Taurus takes lace in your fourth house of home and roots, you’re finding the courage to stare into the shadows that you would typically cause you to avert your eyes. Instead of shunning the less-than-ideal parts of you, you’re discovering the way your imperfections have made you even more powerful. However, power can create chaos without direction, so harness this surge of resilience and use it toward something meaningful.