'High School Musical' Series-Inspired Group Chat Names

These 'HSMTMTS'-Inspired Group Chat Names Are Far From The Status Quo

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Just like the Wildcats, you and your besties are "all in this together." You text each other nonstop, whether it's to send funny memes or make plans to hang out. You might even have a group chat going on right now to plan how you're all going to watch Season 2 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. If that's the case, you'll need some High School Musical series-inspired group chat names to keep your convo on theme.

Your squad has been anxiously waiting for the next chapter of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to drop on Disney+ since Season 1 ended in early 2020. You personally can't wait to see the drama that unfolds as the East High students take on Beauty and the Beast. Not only are you obsessed with the characters' stories on screen, but you're also highly invested the actors' lives off screen. There's definitely been a few Olivia Rodrigo "drivers license" TikToks sent back and forth in your group chat, and you've even tried out the "deja vu" TikTok trend for yourself.

Now is the time to give your a group chat a name that's worthy of a Wildcat. So, browse this list of 90 High School Musical series-inspired group chat names to really "get'cha head in the game."

  1. We're All In This Together
  2. Let's Go Wildcats
  3. Stick To The Status Quo
  4. Get'cha Head In The Game
  5. Nini & Ricky Forever
  6. We're Supposed To Be On Broadway
  7. OG HSM Stans
  8. What Team? Wildcats
  9. Basically A Hollister Model
  10. I Think I Kinda, You Know
  11. Start Of Something New
  12. East High Squad
  13. East High Drama Team
  14. What I've Been Looking For
  15. Team E.J.
  16. Team Ricky
  17. Team Nini
  18. All I Want
  19. Born To Be Brave
  20. Ashlyn's Angels
  21. Did I Just Join A Cult?
  22. Eat Or Get Eaten
  23. Break A Leg
  24. Breaking Free
  25. This Is Nini, Talk To Me-Me
  26. Let's Go To Denny's
  27. Sharpay Stans
  28. On Fridays, We Watch HSMTMTS
  29. We Like To Pop & Lock & Jam & Break
  30. Choosical Redosical
  31. Lucas Grabeel Forever
  32. Love You Like Ricky Loves Nini
  33. Silly Little Songs About Clouds
  34. Not Just A Showmance
  35. Bassett Bunch
  36. Olivia Rodrigo Can Do No Wrong
  37. We Are Miss Jenn
  38. Cast Party
  39. The Read-Through
  40. The Wonderstudies
  41. A Tale As Old As Time
  42. Together Everyone
  43. We Love A Good Costume Change
  44. Ready For Act Two
  45. Theater Camp Crew
  46. On Vocal Rest
  47. Wondering What's Up
  48. Let's Play High School Musical, The Choosical
  49. East High Wildcats
  50. West High Knights
  51. Hall Passes Are Still A Thing?
  52. Fighting Intersectional Feminism Is Our Summer Job
  53. East High Leopards
  54. Tornadoes Come And Go, Dance Is Forever
  55. Disney+ Group Watch
  56. On Airplane Mode So We Can Fly
  57. When There Was Me And You
  58. Looking For Our Spotlight
  59. In The Chorus
  60. HSMTMTS Deja Vu
  61. Showstoppers
  62. HSM Drama Geeks
  63. East High Thespians
  64. The Official Cast List
  65. My HSM Troupe
  66. Broadway Bound
  67. Standing Center Stage
  68. Made For The Stage
  69. Both Beauties And Beasts
  70. Ready For Opening Night
  71. Future Stars
  72. Waiting In The Wings
  73. Curtain Call Ready
  74. Carlos' Crew
  75. A Billion Sorrys Is A Bop
  76. Who Stole My Phone?
  77. Bop To The Top
  78. Role Of A Lifetime
  79. Is That The Last Apple?
  80. Truth, Justice, & Songs In Our Key
  81. We're Soaring, Flying
  82. Ms. Darbus Rocks
  83. Gina For Gabriella
  84. Chill Like Big Red
  85. Troy & Gabriella Forever
  86. Forever Zac Efron Stans
  87. Who Wants To Watch HSMTMTS?
  88. Wish We Were In HSMTMTS
  89. Zero Chill RN
  90. Sh*t's About To Get Real

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