Joshua Bassett's 'High School Musical' audition video is too good.

Joshua Bassett Shared The Video Of His 'HSMTMTS' Audition & It Proves He's Ricky IRL

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In case you didn't know, Joshua Bassett is basically a real-life version of Ricky Bowen. The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star is more like his character than fans could have imagined — even before he got the role. Exhibit A: Joshua Bassett's High School Musical audition video. The tape from his OG audition is proof that Bassett was the perfect choice to play Ricky.

Bassett sang his way through the audition with an original song he wrote for a girl he liked in, yep, high school. The star wanted to ask a girl to a school dance when he was 15, and the smooth operator did it by way of a romantic serenade. During E! News' The Rundown with Erin Lim, Bassett explained how his audition for the show panned out.

After Lim asked him if he has ever given a girl "the gift of a song," Bassett said, "That's actually the first song I ever wrote, really, was to ask a girl to formal." He continued, "I wrote her this little song in, like, 20 minutes and went to her house with my friend. I sang it to her because she had turned down two other guys... I was like, ‘If I'm gonna go for this girl, I gotta go big,'" he explained.

"Funnily enough, when I auditioned for Season 1 of this show, the original pilot actually had Ricky writing Nini a song to ask her to homecoming," he said. "And I was like, ‘Guys, two years ago, I technically did this, so.' And they made me play this song in the audition room."

In the video, Joshua asks the casting team not to judge his songwriting. "I did write this, but I also have written more songs that aren't cheesy," he joked, preparing himself with his ukulele before banging out the heartfelt song.

You can watch the audition video below:

The song lyrics were a creative way to ask her out, as he sang, "I like your face. Your big brown eyes and your warm embrace. And I have a question for you tonight. I hope you'll think it through, and you will not decline." The song continued, "And on February fourth, maybe you'll be mine if you say you'll go with me to formal tonight."

The tune finished with Bassett crooning, "I'm aware that it's such short notice. I'm aware I'm not the first to do this… I'd like to know if you wanna go to formal with me. Ay!"

Whoever the high schooler was ~obviously~ said yes to him after hearing his sweet ditty.


Fans of HSMTMTS are still waiting for Season 2 to premiere on May 14, but got a little preview when a romantic duet came out on April 29, featuring Bassett and his co-star Olivia Rodrigo.

While you're waiting for Season 2 to hit Disney+, you can revel in the cheesy audition video that proves Bassett is the perfect Ricky.