'Shadow And Bone' Matthias Quotes

44 'Shadow And Bone' Matthias Quotes To Use When You've Had Enough


Since Netflix's Shadow and Bone series not only covers the Shadow and Bone trilogy from author Leigh Bardugo, but the Six of Crows duology as well, there are a lot of characters you were introduced to in Season 1. The main story may be about Alina and her Sun Summoner powers, but I bet you couldn't wait to see another Nina and Matthias scene. Their roller coaster relationship had you laughing and swooning at the same time. You may have even related to Matthias' stoic but sweet personality, which is why you need some Shadow and Bone Matthias quotes to use as Instagram captions from time to time.

Even though Matthias was a part of the drüskelle who kidnapped Nina, you could tell he was a good person who cared about others. Sure, the former Fjerdan seemed a bit cold at times — especially toward Nina — but you'd also be annoyed if someone was pestering you when you were just doing your job and calling you a "miserable lump of muscle." You've been there before when you're trying to get through your work day and there are endless emails coming in, or you're working on your laptop and your cat sits right on your keyboard. It's in those frustrating times that you feel like Matthias, and the only Instagram caption that would make sense is a Matthias quote from Shadow and Bone.

Use one of his endearing lines with a snap of you with the Nina to your Matthias, or just a coffee sippin' selfie during your work break. There's always a chance of a Matthias moment, so having these 44 Shadow and Bone Matthias quotes ready to go will make posting to the 'Gram a lot easier.

  1. "Do not speak to me again."
  2. "To face trial, as our law demands."
  3. "Put your clothes back on."
  4. "Are all drüsje so immodest?"
  5. "I'll swim."
  6. "I do want something from you: answers."
  7. "I am a witch hunter and you are a witch."
  8. "Would you stop your wiggling?"
  9. "Were you born a witch or was that by choice?"
  10. "You told me to get closer."
  11. "I am not lost."
  12. "We are trained to endure and overcome these situations."
  13. "That you kill us. Every chance you get."
  14. "I do not want to relax."
  15. "I feel nothing about you."
  16. "What are you doing?"
  17. "You want to eat."
  18. "Stop it."
  19. "I can’t wait to be back in my own bed."
  20. "You don’t have to tell me anything. Just take it."
  21. "Why do you have to say things like that?"
  22. "You will."
  23. "But, sir, they are due to stand trial."
  24. "You’re so lewd. It’s unseemly."
  25. "What are the others like?"
  26. "You intend to kill me."
  27. "They are infernally happy there."
  28. "Why would you save me?"
  29. "I will keep you warm."
  30. "You need my strength to swim to shore."
  31. "I may be hungry."
  32. "What are waffles?"
  33. "I’m not afraid of you."
  34. "I hate the way you talk."
  35. "Women in Fjerda are modest and pious."
  36. "I will go north in the night."
  37. "You broke my trust."
  38. "This was just a cruel joke all along."
  39. "We are very happy people."
  40. "It’s not natural for girls to fight."
  41. "Not in this lifetime."
  42. "I do like you."
  43. "How do I know you’re not messing with my insides and making me feel like I like you?"
  44. "Because you are horrible. You’re loud. And you’re lewd. And you’re treacherous."