Shadow And Bone Dregs Quotes

These 'Shadow And Bone' Dregs Quotes Are Made For Pics Of You & Your Squad


While Alina and Mal may be the most iconic friend duo in Netflix's Shadow and Bone, it's the Dregs who make up the squad you'd most like to join. Each member of the crew — Kaz, Inej, and Jesper (as far as Season 1 goes) — brings their own unique personality and talents to the table, which is what makes this trio the best and reminds you of your own friend group. You may not go on trips across a scary Shadow Fold, but you have your own epic adventures, which is why you need these Shadow and Bone quotes from the Dregs to caption your pics.

These three friends can be found in the Six of Crows duology from author Leigh Bardugo, which you've either already read or plan on reading after marathoning all of Shadow and Bone on Netflix. You want to spend more time with Kaz, Inej, and Jesper as they go on their mission to capture Sun Summoner Alina in the show. Of course, they may bicker and joke around with each other along the way, but they're basically family. The same could be said about you and your besties. You love spending time with each other, whether it's going on trips together or just chilling on the couch watching Netflix. For all your memories, use any of these 39 Shadow and Bone Dregs quotes as your caption the next time you post to Instagram.

  1. "Would you like to see how it works?" — Inej
  2. "Busted." — Jesper
  3. "Jesper and I can't do it without you." — Kaz
  4. "Been saying that since Day 1." — Jesper
  5. "No loud noises at the table, Jesper." — Kaz
  6. "I'm not throwing out the goat!" — Jesper
  7. "Yeah, right away, boss." — Jesper
  8. "So... that went well." — Jesper
  9. "Why does this concern me?" — Kaz
  10. "Never make decisions out of fear, Jesper." — Kaz
  11. "Who can hear a whisper here?" — Kaz
  12. "In that case, I'll take my knife back." — Inej
  13. "Doesn't take much to change someone's life in the Barrel." — Kaz
  14. "No one's dying today." — Kaz
  15. "Here's what I don't get." — Jesper
  16. "Oh, I do love a challenge." — Jesper
  17. "We're gonna be here all night." — Inej
  18. "Let's promise never to forget each other, Milo." — Jesper
  19. "We could open up a bar." — Jesper
  20. "Rude." — Jesper
  21. "Hey, where'd you get that coin?" — Jesper
  22. "You alright, boss?" — Jesper
  23. "No one is ever going to believe I'm that old." — Jesper
  24. "I know, I look amazing for my age." — Jesper
  25. "She did it again." — Jesper
  26. "Not to be that person, Kaz, but are you sure you can drive that thing?" — Jesper
  27. "It's what I would do." — Kaz
  28. "Milo! The goat's name is Milo." — Jesper
  29. "That's why I brought you." — Kaz
  30. "Not to gang up on you, but Jes has a point." — Inej
  31. "Handsome decoy is also not a Jesper talent." — Jesper
  32. "It's Suli, for friendship." — Jesper
  33. "You heard that too?" — Jesper
  34. "Saints! What was that?" — Jesper
  35. "Too soon to appreciate the irony, am I right?" — Jesper
  36. "Is there an open table?" — Jesper
  37. "Wait for me! Don't you go without me." — Jesper
  38. "Slight snag in the plan." — Jesper
  39. "Just ask." — Jesper