A woman writing in a 2022 bullet journal from Etsy on a mood tracker page.
10 Cute And Affordable 2022 Bullet Journals On Etsy For Getting Organized

All you need now are some glittery gel pens.


If you’re wanting to start some good habits, now is definitely the time to make them happen. With the new year comes a fresh start, and getting yourself organized may be one of your New Year’s resolutions. If that’s the case, one of these 2022 bullet journals on Etsy is the best way to make it happen. Bullet journaling is a great way to not only jot down your daily habits and activities, but also to track your growth and progress throughout the year. Depending on your goals for 2022, you can even find a bullet journal that makes sure you’re taking the necessary steps each day to meet them.

Let’s not forget that bullet journaling is also super fun if you love doodling, coloring, and writing every day. After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to break out the markers and glittery gel pens? Of course, there are tons of bullet journals to choose from on Etsy, and before you hit “add to cart” for any of them, you want to make sure you’re picking out the right one for you. Luckily, each one of these 10 bullet journals on this list is under $50, which is great for anyone watching their finances in the new year. So, let’s figure out which budget-friendly bullet journal is calling your name.

If you’re someone who loves to track every little thing from your daily moods to your follower count on social media, you may want a very detailed bullet journal. There are also digital bullet journals that are easily accessible for anyone with an iPad or tablet. Since it’s Etsy, there are even bullet journals that you can get personalized with your name to make them extra special. Whatever you’re manifesting in 2022, you’re sure to find a January bullet journal from these sellers that will kickstart your year in the most organized way possible.

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This Self-Love Journal

If self-care is your main priority this year, you may want to get this self-love bullet journal. With 192 pages, this journal will help you on your wellness journey as you set different goals and check in each day. You even have the option to personalize it when you order to get your name printed on the front.

This Digital Manifestation Journal

2022 is the year of manifesting and making your dreams a reality. If you’d like to focus on bringing in what you deserve, you may want to get this manifestation bullet journal. This digital journal has tons of law of attraction techniques you can try each day to have what belongs to you come and find you. Since it’s a digital download, you can also manifest it on your tablet right away.

This 2022 Weekly Bullet Journal

This adorable weekly bullet journal comes pre-made, which is perfect for anyone who is already too “busy to make one” for themselves in 2022. It even includes different trackers for what books you’ve read, music you have on your playlists, and places you’d like to travel to. It even comes with stickers you can add to the journal to make it your own.

This Inspiring Bullet Journal

If inspiration is what you’re looking to get out of your bullet journal, you may want to get this 2022 bullet journal starter kit. It has everything you need for a January bullet journal with illustrated templates that are meant to inspire creativity within you. There’s even a section to document all of your travels, so anyone with wanderlust and 2022 travel plans will want to snag this Etsy find.

This Digital January Bullet Journal

Maybe you’re only focused on the month-to-month. If that’s the case, you’ll want to start with this January bullet journal kit. It has everything you need to track the first month of the year from how much water you’re drinking a day to how much you’re sleeping at night. It’s also a digital download so even though the year has begun, you won’t be far behind.

This Self-Improvement Bullet Journal

If you’re really looking forward to coloring in your journal each day, you’ll love this self-improvement bullet journal. It has interaction prompts that you get to fill in each morning and night. Not only does it give you an excuse to break out your pens and markers, but you really notice your positive progress each day when you’re filling out your journal by hand.

This Memories Bullet Journal

Easily remember all the good times with this weekly bullet journal. The illustrated templates within help you track things like the books you’ve read, the places you’ve traveled to, and even the meals you enjoyed. There’s even a page for jotting down the things that make you happy.

This Plournal For Planning and Journaling

Looking for a hybrid planner and journal? Well, this plournal is just that. It’s an illustrated calendar for keeping track of your daily schedule of events, but also includes interactive trackers for things like your mood and which Netflix shows you’re watching. The calendar is also not dated, so you can start it in the middle of the year if you choose to do so.

This TikTok Famous Bullet Journal

TikToker @vanessasjournal sells the bullet journals featured in her TikToks on Etsy for you to track your days as well. The coil binder bullet journal comes with mood trackers and a section to jot down the highlight of each day. There’s also three different style options with three months being the most affordable at $27 and an entire year of pages at $68. You can always start in the middle with six months for $45 and decide to add more pages later, like this TikTok friend tracker ($1).

This Law Of Attraction Planner

If you want to get serious about your manifestations, you need this law of attraction planner. The digital bullet journal can be added to your tablet or iPad right away, and includes sections for tracking your favorite affirmations, things you’re grateful for, and what you’re reading. There’s even a vision board section for your 2022 vision board to shine.