A cozy student stretches at her new WFH desk, full of gadgets and organizers to stay productive.
10 WFH Hacks On TikTok That'll Freshen Up Your Home Office Situation

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Your home office space is probably the most used area of your house right now. It can be pretty boring to live and work in the same space 24/7, but luckily, you can switch things up with these WFH hacks on TikTok. These hacks are a surefire way to freshen up your home office situation and will help make you feel your most inspired self.

Start the new year off on the right foot by DIYing a few things, like creating your own cute palette table to organize and accessorize your workspace. Or, create a calming work environment with the adorable and colorful keyboard that's been taking over TikTok. Home workspaces can start to feel tight or even boring, but these WFH hacks on TikTok are easy and fun ways to kick your daily vibe up a notch.

Once your home office gets some updates, you'll have fun showing it off on TikTok. Take a quick video of your chic new space, or even snap a few selfies of your work routine to show your followers how it's done. Your WFH office pics will give off all the cozy and coordinated vibes that your viewers will need to inspire them to start their own WFH hacks on TikTok.

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This Green Keyboard Gives Off Relaxing Vibes

You may have seen this keyboard from TikTok all over your For You page, because this accessory has peak cozy vibes. The colorful keyboard ($70, Amazon) is available in red, pink, blue, or green, and is an absolutely adorable addition to your desk area. As you type away on this wireless board, you'll enjoy relaxing sounds with each click, making working that much more satisfying.

This DIY Liner Brings A Bit Of Joy To Your Desk Drawers

Thanks to this DIY TikTok, the next time you open your desk drawers, you'll be excited to see a pop of color inside. Your tasks can be so much more enjoyable when your area is pretty, and this hack simply involves cutting wrapping paper to fit inside each desk drawer.

These Dry Erase Stickers Must-Haves

Your desk can get cluttered with too many loose reminder notes and to-do lists. Organize some of that chaos with dry erase sticky notes ($15, Etsy). These reusable notes let you stick reminders to your desk, wall, or even refrigerator, like this TikToker does.

This Palette Table Is A Stylish Addition To Your Desk

A double tabletop can make your desk feel bigger and give you more room to work with. This DIY palette table will make your desk not only larger, but so chic, too. To make this project, all you need are six-inch hairpin legs ($34, DIY Hairpin Legs), a plexi palette ($12, Blick), glue, and tape.

These Gadgets Will Make You A WFH Pro

The right accessories can make a home work area so much more organized. Luckily, TikTok is full of recommendations. This TikToker has a bunch of cool Amazon products that'll help make your home office as functional as it is fashionable, including an acrylic dry erase board ($32, Amazon) and a memory foam seat cushion ($35, Amazon).

This Hack Cleans Up Your Desk Plants And Crumbs

Desk plants bring a little bit of nature into your home, but they can also track dirt onto your desk. Luckily, this TikTok hack can help you clear the plant clutter from your table and keep a clean area for your paperwork. The portable desk vacuum ($14, Amazon) will remove your snacking crumbs and plant particles to leave you with a totally clean desktop.

This DIY Project Will Hide Cables And Wires

Too many wires and cables can make a desk look crowded and unorganized. But, following this cable hider DIY, you can conceal your wires for a tidy look. Grab a few screw hooks ($4, Target) and a wire basket ($7, Bed Bath & Beyond) to create a hidden container to conceal your accessories.

This Desk Riser Will Give You The Perfect Zoom Angle

You've probably seen standing desks all over TikTok by now, but they are not a cheap investment. The desk riser, on the other hand, is more cost effective to ease pressure off your back from sitting all day long. It also sits on top of the desk you already have, so you can find your best angle for your next Zoom meeting. The Flexispot desk converter ($142, Wayfair) can help you switch up positions as you work from home.

This Desk Hack Creates More Surface Space

Organize your pens and pencils with this hack on TikTok. Using one or more hidden storage boxes ($9, Amazon), you can attach extra drawers to any table for convenient storage. Plus, the box comes with adhesive tape so there's no installing or nailing involved.

This Desk Styling Inspo Will Take Your WFH Area Up A Notch

One way to uplift your home office is to give it some coordinated flair. Matching your desk accessories and gadgets will take your workspace to the next level.

This TikTok desk tour uses a white and beige color palette with a female form vase ($40, Etsy), cream gel pens ($14, Amazon) and clear desk organizers ($10, Amazon) to create a totally chic look. You even top off your new desk with a mug warmer ($13, Amazon) so your coffee never catches a chill.