8 Reasons Why Your Work Friends Are The Best Friends You'll Ever Have

Having an awesome group of work friends can get you through the most stressful days.

If you're blessed with great co-workers, they probably know just when to crack the jokes, and they never disappoint when bringing in pastries for your birthday.

They're a daily reminder that there's still humanity in the seemingly robotic work you may focusing on all day long.

We don't control what happens at work, but we can choose who to vent to about it.

So, if your bestie stems from a past or current job, chances are, they nailed all of these qualities.

1. They Can Relate To Your Work Struggles

There's nothing worse than trying to explain to someone about that recurring annoyance at work, and they just don't understand. Someone who lives that daily struggle with you will totally get it.

Misery needs company sometimes, OK?

2. Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Jobs may draw people from all different backgrounds, but a lot of you accepted the position for the same reason. Those random similarities are undeniable.

3. They Can Be Professional And Know When To Let Loose

Because your work friends know how stuffy work can be at times, they know all too well how to let loose.

You'll cherish and respect that quality, because for all of the hours you're working your butt off, you have to keep your party animal on a leash.

4. They're Actually Interested In Your Life Outside Of Work

Real work friends won't place you in that shallow box and assume all you do is work. They're actually interested in hearing about the life you leave behind when you clock in and start the day.

5. You're Around Each Other Basically All The Time

Hey, you're totally awesome and around each other for eight hours a day, so what did you expect to happen?

Besties, get in formation.

6. They've Seen The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Work has a way of showing us what we're great at, and it pushes every other emotional button in between. Your work friends will see those limits pushed, and comfort you during the aftermath.

Venting couldn't get any easier.

7. They Truly Value Your Time

Your work friends are usually right there counting down the clock with you, which means they'll never intentionally take advantage of your time.

They know just as well as you how precious it is and how frustrating it can be to feel like you don't have control over your own.

8. You Have Well-Established Inside Jokes

Whether it's making fun of your boss, or re-enacting an intolerable customer, you revisit the thought together. It never loses its comedic relief.

That 9-to-5 is a whole lot better with your work friends. You may have been brought to the same place because of a job, but you'll stay together for so much more.